Zoe Pell is a Senior Learning Designer with over 15 years of experience managing the development of online courses, videos, and micro-learning web pages. She has extensive experience teaching and training in online spaces and is very comfortable in all types of asynchronous and hybrid-teaching environments.

Most recently, Zoe has worked with faculty in higher education to design graduate-level asynchronous courses on subjects ranging from Bioinformatics, Healthcare Analytics, User-Centered Design, Software Engineering, Universal Design, Project and Program Management, Learning Experience Design, and Strategic Analytics. Before that, she worked in the public health field designing online courses and learning experiences for injury, violence, and suicide prevention programs.

Zoe collaborates closely with faculty members to design, implement, and evaluate effective online teaching environments and courses to enhance learning and ensure products are as impactful to the audience as possible. She is a creative problem solver who brings order to uncertainty around online teaching processes and creates opportunities for scale and sustainability. She loves working with subject matter experts to help people develop online courses that truly engage the students.

Zoe lives in Brookline with her spouse, her dog, and her cat. She enjoys doing yoga and going for walks around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir near the Boston College campus.

You can explore her portfolio on her website at zoesbaptista.com.

Zoe Pell
Senior Learning Experience Designer