The Office of Student Services sends all bills electronically to the student's Boston College e-mail address. No paper bills are mailed to the student's home address. Students will be notified at their Boston College e-mail address whenever an online bill is generated.

If students prefer to use another e-mail account, they will need to forward their Boston College e-mail account using Gmail's forwarding service.

The schedules below indicate when charges will first appear on the student's billing statement. Updated billing statements are e-mailed monthly. Between statements, students can view all recent transactions by selecting “Recent Activity” in “My Bill”—this view has the most up-to-date student account information.

Note: Charges appearing on the student's bill may be dependent on whether he or she has registered for courses.

Undergraduate and Law School Students

  • Summer charges: May
  • Fall charges: mid-June
  • Spring charges: mid-November

Graduate and Woods College Students

  • Summer charges: May
  • Fall charges: mid-July
  • Spring charges: mid-December

The standard due dates for bills are listed below. Should any of these dates occur on a weekend or holiday, bills will be due the previous business day.

Payments received after the statement due date are subject to a $150 late payment fee.

Undergraduate and Law School Students

  • Fall semester bills are due on August 9
  • Spring semester bills are due on December 10


Graduate and Woods College Students

  • Fall semester bills are due on September 6
  • Spring semester bills are due on January 11

Student Account Refund

Activity on your student account could result in a refundable credit balance due to the application of financial aid funds, loan disbursements, overpayment of your student account balance, or any combination of the above.

Refunds of credit balances can be processed by Direct Deposit or by paper check. With Direct Deposit, you will receive your refund faster and without the hassle of picking up your check and then depositing it into your account. The service is free and completely secure.

To enroll in Direct Deposit, log into and select "My Bill." Select the "Direct Deposit" link in the left navigation bar and provide your account information. If you have stored a payment profile in My Bill, you can use that account without having to re-enter the information. Once enrolled in Direct Deposit, you can request your refund by selecting "Request Student Account Refund" at

If you still wish to receive your refund by paper check, you do not need to provide any account information in My Bill and may proceed directly to the "Request Student Account Refund" link on the My Services page. Paper refund checks are processed once per week. Please refer to the schedule below for details about refund availability.

Refund Availability Schedule

Fall 2019 Refund Availability Information

Classes begin on August 26. The first direct deposit of student account refunds will be available on Wednesday, August 28. Your refund request must be submitted by Friday, August 23 to ensure delivery of funds on August 28. The first paper check refund will be available on September 6. Your refund request must be submitted by August 28 to ensure that your check is either mailed or available for pickup on September 6. Refund requests submitted after these dates will be processed according to the regular schedule, as detailed below.

If you have not done so, please enroll in direct deposit at

Refund Requested Direct Deposit Available
(date funds are delivered to your account)*
Paper Check Available
(date check is mailed or available for pickup in Accounts Payable
Monday Thursday Friday (following week)
Tuesday Friday Friday (following week)
Wednesday Monday Friday (following week)
Thursday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Friday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Saturday Wednesday Friday (following week)
Sunday Wednesday Friday (following week)

*Please check with your bank regarding the timeline for posting to your account.

Under the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, certain tax benefits may be available to students who have incurred qualified expenses for higher education. To assist you in the determination of eligibility for an education tax credit, Boston College provides Form 1098-T.

1098-T forms are mailed annually by January 31. If you consented to receive the form electronically, you will receive an e-mail notification when the form is available online. The 1098-T form is for informational purposes only, and, while you should retain a copy for your records, you are not required to submit it with your tax return. The information reported to students on Form 1098-T is also reported by Boston College to the IRS.

Boston College is required to report this information to the IRS, along with your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number. If you have not already provided this information on your admissions or student employment application, please complete and submit IRS Form W-9S (PDF) to the Office of Student Services. Students are required by the IRS to provide this information to their college or university to facilitate 1098-T reporting.

Boston College cannot provide you with tax advice. If you need assistance in determining how to report this information on your tax return, please refer to IRS Publication 970 (available on the IRS website), or consult a licensed tax preparer.