April Checklist

Welcome to the Student Services Monthly Checklist!

Highlights for April include Coronavirus FAQs and registration for fall and summer.

The Office of Student Services wishes you and your family all the best during these difficult times. Stay safe!

Action Items

Read the Coronavirus FAQs.

Visit the Coronavirus FAQs page for more information regarding refunds, loan exit interviews, student employment, financial aid, registration, and pass/fail policy for the spring 2020 semester. This page will be expanded and updated on a necessary and frequent basis.

Register for the fall 2020 semester.

Visit the How to Register for Courses and Registration Calendar pages for more information.
Course listings are available in Course Information and Schedule and in the University Catalog.

Students should refer to the instructions outlined in the registration e-mails recently sent to all students except law students:

Register for the summer 2020 semester.

Visit the Summer Registration page for more information.

Note the withdrawal deadline.

The last date to withdraw from a course without a "W" is now April 9 at noon (EDT).

The last date to withdraw from a course with a "W" or to withdraw from the University is now April 30 at noon (EDT).

Drops and withdrawals at this point will not result in a cancellation of tuition.

Run a degree audit at www.bc.edu/myservices (graduating seniors).

Look for the following message: "If you successfully complete all the courses for which you are currently registered, you will have met all the requirements for the degree." If a student does not receive this message, he/she will not meet the requirements for graduation and will not receive a degree. Please reach out to the appropriate academic contact (MCAS — Terry Lepore; CSOM, CSON, and Lynch — Marika Cerbone) or your advisor or Academic Dean immediately to resolve any graduation clearance issue. Note: if you elect to take a course pass/fail this semester that is fulfilling a requirement, those courses may temporarily drop to the bottom of your audit. The Office of Student Services will be monitoring this and substituting those courses back to their original slot. There is no need to call about this issue.

Attend a Student Loan Exit Interview (graduating students).

Students should have received an e-mail in March for instructions on how to complete the online exit process at Heartland ECSI (BC's loan servicing company). While the online exit interview is still required, the in-person sessions are no longer required. Learn about loan repayment options, consolidation, and loan forgiveness plans, and take the mystery and confusion out of loan repayment at www.bc.edu/loanrepayment.

Failure to complete the online exit interview will result in your diploma and transcript being held.

If you have not already, review your student account at www.bc.edu/myservices.

All balances are now due in full. Unresolved accounts may prevent your participation in registration for summer and fall. Please resolve any balances prior to registration.

Important note regarding payments: The Office of Student Services is physically closed per order of Governor Baker, and therefore, mail delivery is severely delayed. We encourage U.S. bank holders to use web payments, and international payers to use Flywire or Western Union. Payments received through the mail may not be received in time for registration holds to be lifted. If you have any issues, please call or e-mail Student Services.

For online payments, use the e-check option through My Bill. For more information about Flywire and Western Union, visit the Billing page.

Summer job opportunities are on hold until the University returns to normal operations.

Please visit the Coronavirus FAQs page for updates.

Note the returning undergraduate financial aid application deadline.

The priority filing date for the Undergraduate Financial Aid Application was February 1.

For information on how to apply or how to check your application status, visit the Applying for Aid page. Application forms and instructions are available on the Financial Aid Forms page.

Note the financial aid deadlines for graduate and law students.

The priority deadline for graduate and law students wanting summer work study or summer loans was February 3. The priority deadline for academic-year only financial aid was March 2.

For information on how to apply, visit the Applying for Aid page. Application forms and instructions are available on the Financial Aid Forms page.

Sign a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (if applicable).

Visit the Federal Student Aid website for more information.

Complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling (if applicable).

Visit the Federal Student Aid website for more information.

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