Boston College
Office of Student Services
Lyons Hall 103
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


617-552-3300 or 800-294-0294

Students are assigned a counselor according to the first letter of their last name. The counselors' assigned alphabetical range will appear after their names. These assignments are subject to change.

Ebony Marsala, Director, Financial Aid

Deb Aaron, Associate Director, Financial Aid Compliance

Deborah GravelAssociate Director of Federal, State, and Special Programs

Undergraduate Financial Aid

For questions about financial aid, please email for assistance.

Brian Swenson
Associate Director, Financial Aid Systems & Analytics, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Derek Lewis
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
B, E
Erica Davis
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Michelle DiGioia,
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
D, N
Undergraduate Financial Aid
F, G
Hilary Ferrie
Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
H, O
Melissa Metcalf
Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
I, T, X
Susan McLaughlin
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
J, K, Q
Erica Lewis
Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
L, U, Z
Undergraduate Financial Aid
Ma–Mc, V, Y
Kara Deckard
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
Md–Mz, P
Melissa McKeon
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid
R, W
Michelle Widrick
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid

Graduate and Law Financial Aid

Elaine Holloman
Assistant Director, Graduate and Law Financial Aid
A–F, S–
Marsia Hill Kreaime
Associate Director, Graduate and Law Financial Aid

Student Employment

Eriliza Guerrero-Andre
Associate Director, Student Employment
Student Employment Assistant

Chris Cordella, Director, Operations and Bursar,, 2-8645
Establishes policy, priorities, and direction for credit and collections, Information Services, student loans, and Student Services support areas.


Bryan Jones, University Registrar,, 2-4943

Ursula DellaPorta, Associate Registrar, Curriculum Management and Classroom Scheduling,, 2-4739
Whitney Hoyle, Associate Registrar, Degree Audit, Graduation/Commencement, Athletics Compliance Officer,, 2-2840
Amy Scangarello, Associate Registrar, Academic Records, Registration, and Grading,, 2-2159

Christine Muller, Assistant Registrar, Transfer Articulation/Cross-Registration/Reporting,, 2-3531
Walter Wrigley, Assistant Registrar, Curriculum Management and Scheduling,, 2-3318

Jenna Burke, Assistant Registrar, Records—Undergraduate CSOM, Lynch, CSON, WCAS, Graduate CSON and WCAS, Law School, Exam Op-Scanning and Production,, 2-4984
Jonathan Bernier, Assistant Registrar, Records—Graduate MCAS, Lynch, CSOM, STM and BCSSW,, 2-4872
Karen Livingston, Assistant Registrar, Records—Undergraduate MCAS,, 2-3157

TBD, Degree Audit Analyst, 2-2028

Terry Riordan, Course Administration Specialist,, 2-3304

Joshua Bocher, Assistant Director, Communications, Office of Student Services,, 2-1494
Cristina Regis, Senior Communications Specialist, Office of Student Services,, 2-4879

Jen Mack, Director, Student Information Services,, 2-8015

Greg Keswick, Associate Director, Student Information Services,
Provides project management and business analysis for all facets of university student system projects. Directs activities related to the development, maintenance, and enhancement of current university academic and financial systems, with a focus on enrollment management and the Slate CRM implementation.

Julie Devi, Systems Support Analyst (temporary),
Manages the online course and advisor evaluation systems used by all students, faculty, and administrators. Provides implementation and post-implementation support for the Slate CRM project.

Keziban Tasci, Business Systems Analyst, Data Analyst,
Responsible for the research and analysis of Student Academic and Enrollment Systems including business requirement definition and documentation, test strategy, plans, documentation, execution and reporting, project implementation, systems training and vendor, stakeholder and relationship management.


Jane McGuire, Administrative Assistant—Human Resources,, 2-4972
Manages office operations including events, purchasing, payroll, hiring, student employees, budget, travel, and purchasing. Responds to subpoenas.