Graduate Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance is calculated based on fixed expenses (tuition and fees) and estimated expenses (room, utilities, books, travel, and personal expenses).

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2019–2020 Tuition for Master's or Doctoral Degree, per Credit

Boston College School of Social Work $1,282
Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Graduate Programs
Connell School of Nursing, Graduate Programs
School of Theology and Ministry
Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
Carroll School of Management, Graduate Programs $1,814
Carroll School of Management Full-Time MBA Program
$26,625/per semester
Woods College of Advancing Studies, Graduate Administrative Studies or Leadership and Administration
Woods College of Advancing Studies, Graduate Applied Economics and Sports Administration
Woods College of Advancing Studies, Graduate Cybersecurity Policy and Governance
Woods College of Advancing Studies, Graduate Healthcare Administration
Initial Boston College ID Card For Entering Students Fee:
Graduate Student Activity Fee:
$50 full-time (7 or more credits)
$60 (CGSOM 7 or more credits)
$35 (6 or fewer credits)

Applicants with dependents will be granted an additional budget allowance of $1,800 per dependent under the age of sixteen.