December 2023 Residence Hall Closing


Students are expected to depart from your residence hall 24 hours after your last final exam, or by 5pm on Wednesday, December 20, whichever comes first.

Students are able to apply for a one-night extension until 11am on Thursday, December 21 for travel-related reasons. Please apply via the Fall Extension Form and follow the on-screen instructions. The request form will be available on November 1, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications will close on Monday, December 11.

Students should not return to campus under any circumstances once they have checked out for the semester. Students violating this will be referred through the Student Conduct process and could be removed from on-campus housing or suspended from the University.

Action Items

Regardless of your checkout date, these items must be completed before your departure.

Remove and dispose of all perishable food items from your refrigerator and cabinets into the trash rooms

Unplug all electronic items EXCEPT REFRIGERATORS

Submit any work orders that you are aware of for your room (Agora Portal → Other Services → Facilities Work Ticket)

Turn heat to 65 degrees or the “low” setting (where applicable), turn off all lights, and close/lock windows

Take all valuables with you, including medication, passports, etc. as you will not be able to retrieve them after you depart

Bring any textbooks or other items you will need for final exams home with you

Winter Break Information


The Residence Halls will be closed for winter break starting December 20th. Students looking for Off-Campus housing over winter break can contact Off-Campus Student Life through the Dean of Students Office. In many cases, BC students are looking to sublet apartments during winter break, and can be emailed at Additional housing options can also be found through the link below: