Getting ready to come to campus in the fall? Some tips from Campus Mail...

  • When shipping packages, use the correct mailing address. During the move-in period and for the first several weeks of school, thousands of packages arrive for students on campus every day. To minimize confusion, please double-check that you are using the correct address format for your residence hall location.
  • Order packages to arrive after August 9th. Please help the Campus Mail staff by ordering packages and shipping boxes to your on-campus residence so that they arrive mid-August, and not earlier.
  • Plan ahead for retrieving your packages. There are four mailroom locations on campus. Please plan to retrieve your packages at the mailroom that serves your residence hall. Note that packages will not be delivered to residence hall rooms this year.
  • Get ready for a great year. We're looking forward to seeing you on campus this fall!

Boston College Mail Services manages incoming, outgoing and interoffice mail for the academic and professional staff of Boston College along with incoming packages and mail for resident students. With the ever growing demand for package services worldwide, the number of packages that are handled by BC Mail Services has grown to over 250,000 each year.

Did You Know?

Students can look up tracking numbers at to check whether their package has been delivered to BC and, if it has, to see its current status and location

It usually takes 24 hours for BC to process incoming packages and route them to the proper mail room

Students receive email notifications when their packages are ready to be picked up

There are four mail rooms on campus where students can pick up their packages (see locations)

Mail rooms are open six days a week (see hours)

Mail Room Locations

McElroy Mail Room

McElroy Room 204

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Serves Upper Campus & College Road residence halls:

Cheverus, Claver, Fenwick, Fitzpatrick, Gonzaga, Kostka, Loyola, Medeiros, Roncalli, Shaw, Welch, Williams, and Xavier


Newton Mail Room

Kenny Cottle Room L112

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Serves Newton Campus residence halls:

Cushing, Duchesne East & West, Hardey, and Keyes North & South

Voute Mail Room

Voute Room 106

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Serves the following Lower Campus residence halls:

66 Commonwealth Ave, 90 St. Thomas More Road, Gabelli, Ignacio, Rubenstein, Vanderslice, and Voute

Walsh Mail Room

Walsh Room 128

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Serves the following Lower Campus & Comm. Ave. residence halls:

Greycliff, Modulars, Reservoir Apartments, Stayer, Thomas More Apartments, and Walsh

Mail Room Hours of Operation

McElroy Mailroom - Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday Closed


Newton, Voute and Walsh Mailrooms are closed for the summer. Regular hours will resume mid-August.


Mailing Addresses

To ensure efficient mail processing and timely delivery, please be sure to address mail and packages in the correct format. When you're placing an order online, please double check that your address is correct. If you have moved, and your package is addressed to your prior campus address, your mail or package will be delayed.


Chestnut Hill (Upper or Lower Campus) residents:

[Student name]
[Student residence hall and room number]
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Newton Campus residents:

[Student name]
[Student residence hall and room number]
Boston College
885 Centre St
Newton Center, MA 02459


Boston College
[Department name]
[Employee name/Building, room number]
140 Commonwealth Ave
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Boston College Law School
[Employee name]
[Building, room number]
885 Centre St
Newton Center, MA 02459

Mail Services Policies

Student Policies

Packages should be picked up in a timely fashion.

Students should pick up packages as soon as they are notified that their package is ready for pickup.

Mail Services can not accept deliveries of fresh food.

Students should not order meal delivery kits, groceries or other perishable items to residence hall addresses.

Packages will be released only to the addressee or authorized representative.

When packages arrive at Mail Services, an email is sent to the student’s BC email account informing them of the arrival. Packages will be released to the addressee upon the student presenting the email along with photo identification. If the addressee is unable to pick up their own package, the email and a photo of the ID may be forwarded to a fellow student as authorization to pick up.

Private couriers are not allowed in residence halls.

Delivery agents such as UPS, Amazon and FedEx do not deliver directly to residence halls. All package deliveries for resident students will be routed to the appropriate mail room for processing.

General Policies

Never send cash through the mail.

Neither Boston College nor any other courier such as the US Postal Service is responsible for cash sent through the mail. Items of value can be insured through the US Postal Service and others, but that insurance is for merchandise only. Proof of value and other documentation would be needed to make claims.

Forwarding service is not available.

Due to changes in US Postal Service's policy, forwarding service is not available. Please provide mailers with up-to-date address information when you move or change location so that you can receive your mail and packages. Be sure to include full location and room numbers on addresses. 

Notify outside contacts of proper mailing address format.

In order to decrease the volume of insufficiently addressed and misdirected mail on campus, inform outside contacts to update their mailing information using the University’s standard format. The mailroom receives over 100 pieces of mail per week addressed with incomplete mailing information, causing delays and costly inefficiencies.

Improperly addressed mail will be returned to sender.

All incoming mail and packages should be addressed in the format illustrated in the "Mailing Addresses" section of this page. If you move to a different location, please remember to update your address when you place orders that will be shipped to campus.

There are two Amazon lockers on campus.

Amazon maintains two pickup lockers on campus for the convenience of the Boston College community. The lockers may be selected as delivery points when placing orders through Amazon. The two locations are:

  • "BENCH" is in the 90 St. Thomas More Dr. residence hall on the first floor
  • "LOPEZ" is across from the Newton mailroom on the lower level of Kenny Cottle Library 

Mail Services By The Numbers


mail rooms on campus


packages delivered to students over the 2020/2021 academic year


annual increase in package volume every academic year