How many first-year students live on campus?

Each year, approximately 850 first-year students (40%) live in the four residence halls on the Newton Campus, while 1,300 first-year students (60%) live in the 10 residence halls on Chestnut Hill campus. Approximately 100 first year students enrolled in Messina College will live on the Brookline Campus.

What type housing do first-year students live in?

All rooms for first year students on Brookline, Chestnut Hill and Newton campuses are traditional style housing. Most rooms on Newton and Chestnut Hill are double occupancy, with some triple and quad options. Brookline Campus only has double occupancy rooms. All students have access to laundry facilities and study/recreation rooms. Each campus has access to a dining hall, mailroom, exercise space, and chapel.

Tell me more about the different campuses.

Newton Campus is located at 885 Centre Street in Newton, about 1.5 miles from the Chestnut Hill Campus. A continuous shuttle bus takes students between Newton Campus and the Chestnut Hill Main Campus seven days a week. There are no lofted triple rooms on the Newton Campus.

Upper Campus is part of the Chestnut Hill Campus and does not require use of the shuttle bus. Students living on Chestnut Hill campus may be placed in a lofted triple room. Students who opt-in to a lofted triple room are guaranteed to be placed on Upper Campus.

Brookline Campus is located at 400 Heath Street, approximately 1.3 miles from our Chestnut Hill campus. Only students enrolled in Messina College will be permitted to live on Brookline Campus. There are no lofted triple rooms on the Brookline Campus.

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