BC Clean

What Is BC Clean?

BC Clean is a donation initiative overseen by the Office of Residential Life in collaboration with Custodial Services and the Office of Sustainability. Members of the BC Community have the opportunity to donate items in good condition, such as clothing, non-perishable food, books, appliances, as well as general household goods and furniture. All donations are collected by local non-profit organizations who distribute them to individuals and families in the greater Boston community. Donation drop off locations are set up on the last day of classes during the Spring semester across Newton, Upper, and Lower campuses so students can donate items until they depart for Summer break.

Which Charities Does BC Clean Partner With and What Do They Accept?

BC Clean Partners with:

  • Allston Brighton Food Pantry
  • Brookline Food Pantry
  • HouseHold Goods
  • Montserrat
  • Re-Stream
  • St. Vincent De Paul
  • Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center
  • Jamaica Mustard Seed

BC Clean accepts clothing, shoes, books (including text books), blankets, bedsheets, towels, small kitchen appliances, televisions, mini-fridges, and unopened non-perishable food.

NOT accepted this year: pillows, mattress covers, plastic storage bins, show racks, bulletin boards, furniture, art or seasonal decorations

Where Can I Donate My Belongings?

Newton Campus:

  • Cushing - 1st floor social lounge
  • Duchesne - 1st floor social lounge
  • Hardey - 1st floor social lounge
  • Keyes - Basement study lounge in south wing

Upper Campus:

  • Cheverus - 1st floor social lounge
  • CLXF - Left side of the main lobby
  • Fitzpatrick/Gonzaga - Left side of main lobby
  • Kostka - 1st floor social lounge
  • Shaw House - First floor social lounge

College Road:

  • Roncalli - basement social lounge
  • Welch - basement social lounge
  • Williams - basement social lounge

Lower Campus:

  • 66 Comm. Ave - 1st floor social lounge
  • 90 St. Thomas More - 2nd floor study lounge
  • Gabelli - 2nd floor social lounge
  • Ignacio - 1st floor social lounge
  • Reservoir Apartments (2000)- 2nd floor social lounge
  • Rubenstein - 1st floor social lounge
  • Stayer – 1st floor lounge, room 103
  • Thomas More Apartments (2150) - 1st floor lobby
  • Vanderslice - Room 117 (enter through door from main lobby)
  • Voute - 2nd floor social lounge
  • Walsh Hall - 2nd floor social lounge, room 227
  • Modulars - Stayer 103 prior to Monday, May 24th
    • On Commencement Day: seniors in the Modular Apartments can eitherput "BC Clean" stickers on items and place them by their front doors (stickers provided to students on Commencement Day)
    • Drop off items directly at the donation trucks in the parking lot adjacent to the Modular Apartments