Facilities & Furnishings (Academic Year And Summer Session)

All maintenance issues including furnishings, pest control, and lock/combo changes should be submitted online via the Agora Portal. Please be sure to include the phone number at which you may be reached and a detailed description of the issue. If the request for repair is deemed malicious damage, appropriate charges will be added to your account and judicial sanctioning will be determined.

Facilities Services will determine the priority of your maintenance request and assign the work item to the appropriate trade shop for completion. A Work Order request should be completed within 7 days. If your request is not completed within the time frame, please contact your Resident Director. Also note: During the month of September work orders may take longer to complete due to high volume of requests.

All emergencies, such as leaks, flooding, no heat, broken locks, or combination pads, should be immediately called into the Facilities Service Center at 617-552-3048. If Facilities is closed, please call the BCPD at 617-552-4444.

Room/Apartment Furnishings

Each room is assigned a set number of pieces of furniture. All furnishings assigned to your room must remain in your room. We regret that we do not have space in which to store furniture you do not want. Furniture may be moved within your assigned room only and must returned to its original position before check-out. Furnishings may not be moved out of your assigned room, such as in the hallway or lounge, or be lent to anyone. Requests for additional furniture or removal will not be acted upon.

Please note that mattresses not provided by Boston College are strictly prohibited in the residence halls. Complete list of items prohibited in the halls is available online. Also, ladders are designed for traditional hall triple lofts only and are not available for those who bunk their beds. When a room is detripled, the extra set of furniture will be removed in about 5 business days. Please do not submit Work Orders in this circumstance.

Please submit a Work Order if a piece of furniture is broken or missing. The furniture will be evaluated and repaired or replaced.

Lounge Furniture

Lounge furniture is intended for the use of all residents of a building. Lounge furniture is not allowed in private rooms. Residents converting lounge furniture for personal use will be fined and/or reported to a judicial hearing.

Damages & Trash

During the months of May and June, all buildings will be inspected by a trained Facilities Inspection team. Any malicious damages or excessive trash in your room/suite will be documented and will result in fines that will be applied to your student account by July 1st. Damages in common areas are divided amongst all residents and a $50.00 administrative fee is added to each individual account.

Any rooms/suites found with any excessive damage or excessive trash will be assessed a $500 per-person fine. Please refer to the Check-Out List for your specific area and for a detailed list of expectations.

If an individual wishes to take responsibility for damages or you find you have been billed in error, please appeal the charges no later than July 31st by using the Agora Portal and going to "My ResLife Bill".

All appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the transaction and all charges are non-disputable and nonrefundable after July 31st.


All public areas, including shared bathrooms in the traditional-style residence halls, are cleaned by the Facilities Services Housekeeping staff Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Staff are available on call for emergencies on weekends. All emergencies should be called into BCPD at 617-552-4444. Please allow for at least 30 minutes for someone to respond.

All cleaning within resident apartments/suites/rooms is the responsibility of the residents. Please note that the supply of soap and paper towels within the residence hall restrooms are for guests; residents are asked to use their personal items.


The Office of Residential Life is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment both inside and out of its residence halls. Facility Management's recycling program, "BC Recycles," has become very well known within our residential areas. We encourage all of our residents to take full advantage of our residential recycling program.