The Intramural Program is meant to provide a fun, positive atmosphere for the Boston College community to compete in organized sports. While it is OK to make winning a goal, participants cannot lose sight of the greater mission of fostering camaraderie and recreating with peers. At all times, participants in the Boston College Intramural program should act in a manner appropriate for intramural competition. If at any time a participant, coach or fan, in the judgment of an Intramural staff member, goes beyond what is appropriate, the individual will be disqualified from the game in progress and shall be required to meet with the Assistant Director of Intramural Programs before being allowed to play in another intramural contest.

Any member is eligible to play intramurals.  All undergraduate students are automatically members.  Graduate students, faculty, and staff may purchase a membership. The only exceptions to the above eligibility is for students who have played professionally in that sport or its equivalent sport*, for students who have been on a varsity roster in that sport during the current school year, or if that student is a member of a club team in that sport or its equivalent sport and the team is already at the club limit for the team roster in that league.

*Equivalent sport refers to any sport that is so close to the intramural sport that the Intramural Office deems the skills for one would necessarily translate to an unfair advantage in intramural play.  Examples are baseball players are restricted from intramural softball, football players are restricted from flag football.

Will be issued for actions such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Damaging, or in any way abusing Boston College property, fields, gyms, rink, equipment, etc.
  2. Consumption/possession of alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking, or use of any illegal substances
  3. Verbal or physical misconduct directed at any person whether they be a(n) intramural official, opponent, teammate, fan, administrator, etc. Any question regarding what constitutes misconduct should be directed to the Intramurals Office
  4. Excessively disputing any official’s judgment call (i.e. safe/out, ball/strike, in/out, fouls, penalties, etc.)
  5. Dangerous use of equipment

Good sportsmanship is vital to maintaining the appropriate recreational atmosphere of intramural sports. All intramural participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and sporting manner at all times - before, during, and after contests. Behavior that promotes intolerance or prejudice, degrades any racial, ethnic, gender or religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference, demeans on the basis of skill or intellect or promotes destructive behavior is considered disrespectful to the University and its members, and will be addressed and dealt with accordingly. This includes Intramural team names and information posted on the IMLeagues website.

The Assistant Director of Intramural Sports has the right to suspend individuals or teams from further participation in the Intramural Program for violations of conduct befitting an intramural participant or team.  Actions which interfere with others’ enjoyment of the league is a specific departmental point of emphasis.  Any actions which are not just inappropriate for intramural participants, but of Boston College students in general, will also be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.

Any individual ejected from a contest may be suspended from future contests.  That individual must meet with the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports to determine the severity of disciplinary action before being allowed to resume play.  Any disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Any team receiving a sportsmanship rating of 1 will be required to have its team manager and possibly specific offending team members meet with the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports before the team can be reinstated.  The individual participants will also be subject to the penalties outlined above.  A sportsmanship rating will be determined by the intramural staff working the event after each game for both participating teams. 

Any team that has two (2) participants ejected from a single contest will forfeit that contest (regardless of score) and may be suspended from future contests.

Regular Season Games
After each game, teams will be given a sportsmanship rating by the Intramural Officials according to the sportsmanship displayed. Teams must have a minimum average sportsmanship rating of "3.0" to be eligible to participate in the playoffs. If a game is not completed due to any circumstances, the sportsmanship rating earned will stand regardless if the game is official or not.

Playoff Games
Teams must have a sportsmanship rating of "3.0" or better in each game to advance.  If a team receives below a "3.0" sportsmanship rating in any playoff game, they will be removed and their opponent will advance given their sportsmanship rating was above a "3.0". If neither team receives a "3.0" rating, both teams will be removed and the next round will be a bye. Sportsmanship rating is also one method used to break ties after the regular season. 

"5" Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship - Captain, players, and fans all display an excellent attitude. Conduct is positive at all times, even if the opponent does not display a high level of sportsmanship.  If necessary the captain calmly converses with the intramural officials regarding rule interpretations and calls.  The team has winning and losing in perspective such that their conduct in all ways provides an example for the league and the program.

"4" Good Conduct and Sportsmanship - The team shows good sportsmanship and cooperates with the opposing team, Officials, and Intramural Supervisor. Opponents are treated with respect and there are no warnings, yellow cards, or unsporting technical fouls.

"3" Average Conduct and Sportsmanship - The team still shows cooperation with officials and opponents but may have some complaints and grumbling. Good attitude is missing on occasion but there are no blatant displays of bad attitude. The captain is in control of the team.

"2" Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship - Teams constantly comment to the Officials, Intramural Supervisor, and/or opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates or himself/herself.

"1" Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship - Captain has no control over teammates and/or himself/herself. Team is completely uncooperative and poorly represents themselves and the Boston College Intramural Program.