We're thrilled to announce the return of the Boston College Faculty & Staff 5K! After its inaugural run in 2018 and a brief hiatus, the Department of Human Resources and Campus Recreation is excited to team up once again to bring this event back to our community. 




  • Join us on Friday, June 14th, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM as we aim to make this 5K a cherished annual event.


  • This event is for all current Faculty or Staff members employed at BC.


  • Participation is free! Plus, all participants who register by Friday, May 31st will receive a complimentary t-shirt.

Race Course Details :

  • The race will start in the Mods (Look for the blue Race Wire Arch)
  • There will be one water station on the course. It will be at the entrance / exit of the Res. 

Course Route

T shirts


All running should take place on the sidewalk or designated running paths to ensure safety. Please avoid running on the road. Signs will be posted along the course to guide you, but reviewing these instructions beforehand will enhance your experience.


Route Directions:

  1. Start at the Mods.
  2. Exit the Mods toward the Margot Connell Recreation Center (MCRC).
  3. Turn left, passing Walsh Hall and Stayer Hall.
  4. Cross St. Thomas More Road at the entrance and proceed towards Commonwealth Avenue.
  5. Make a left at Commonwealth Avenue and head toward the main entrance.
  6. Turn left at the main entrance, down Linden Lane, heading towards Gasson Hall.
  7. Keep Gasson Hall on your right as you continue.
  8. Follow the sidewalk past Devlin Hall, keeping it on your left.
  9. Continue following the sidewalk to Beacon Street.
  10. Turn left onto Beacon Street, following the sidewalk to the Reservoir (the Res).
  11. At Chestnut Hill Drive, turn left and head toward the university exit road.
  12. Cross at the university exit to reach the Res. A police detail will assist with crossing.
  13. At the Res, turn right and follow the path around it. A water station is available here.
  14. After circling the Res, cross the road at the same spot.
  15. Turn right and proceed toward the MCRC.
  16. Turn left on the sidewalk just after the Pine Tree Preserve and before reaching the MCRC.
  17. Make a right on the main sidewalk in front of the MCRC.
  18. Make a left into the Mods, where you will find both the starting and finishing line.


Thank you for participating and adhering to these directions. We hope you enjoy your run and the event. If you need assistance or have questions during the run, volunteers and staff will be available throughout the course.


Event T-Shirts

T shirts