Learn to climb with Outdoor Adventures!

  Open Rec Other Open Programming
Monday 7 - 8 pm Grad Student Climbing Monday
3 - 5 pm
Tuesday 4 - 5 pm

7 - 9 pm
Wednesday 7 - 8 pm Women's Climbing Wednesday
3 - 5 pm
Thursday 3 - 7 pm  
Friday 3 - 7 pm  
Saturday 1 - 5 pm  
Sunday 1- 3 pm

4 - 7 pm



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Climb On: Intro to Climbing
Every Monday 5-6pm
Are you new to climbing? Want to climb some routes and have fun? Just show up, we’ll handle the ropes for you! In this class, our instructors will belay for you. You’ll get experience top-roping and bouldering. No experience is necessary.

Belay Class
Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 6-7pm
Every Sunday and Tuesday 3-4pm
Come learn the ropes with one of our instructors! You’ll learn proper belay technique so you can belay your friends on top roping routes. Come back later for a quick belay test.

Ropes, Belay, Action
Every Thursday, 7-8pm and 8-9pm
Learn all about rope management, belaying and climbing equipment. You’ll have the opportunity to climb with a partner. Great for those who want to take the belay test!