The Outdoor Adventures’ 22-foot climbing wall welcomes all experience levels, from hard-crimping climbers looking for difficult problems to first-timers hoping to try out climbing in a relaxed, supportive environment. Rock climbing is as varied as the people who participate in it, and everyone is welcome!

The wall is currently bouldering-only (i.e., unroped climbing up to ~12 feet), with top rope climbing in the works. We typically house about 40 different boulder problems, or routes, from beginner to intermediate difficulty. All routes are set by BC students on our setting team, who typically change one-quarter of the wall each week so that each route is available for 3-4 weeks during the semester. 

Rec Center members have access to free shoe rentals and access to all drop-in climbing hours (see below). Chalk is available to rent for $3/day.

Your First Time at the Wall

  • The climbing wall and OA office are located in the North corner of the first floor of the Rec Center. If you need help finding us, please ask at the front desk of the Rec Center.
  • If it is the first time at our wall, please come check in at the OA desk opposite the climbing wall. In order to climb, we require the following:
    • All climbers must check in and out at the OA desk for each climbing session
    • All climbers must sign an annual Climbing Wall Waiver, which is valid June 1-May 31
    • All climbers must participate in an annual orientation (5-10 minutes), both to review our policies and to familiarize yourself with our particular wall. 

Repeat Climbers

  • Remember that even if you have climbed at our wall before, you must update your Climbing Wall Waiver and participate in an orientation during your FIRST climb session of the SCHOOL YEAR. 
  • Waivers and orientations are valid June 1-May 31. Please always check in and out at the OA desk, even if you have your own shoes and chalk.

Climbing Wall Frequently Asked Questions