1. Members must present their Eagle ID card every time they enter our facilities.
  2. Any member caught lending their ID to another person so they may gain access to the building will be charged $50 and lose Campus Recreation privileges until the fee has been paid.
  3. Groups of 5 or more people who want to work out in an area together must book the space through the Space Request Form
  4. Any minor, who is a paid member (Boston College undergraduate students excluded), but is under the age of eighteen and wishes to enter and use the Recreation Center, must be accompanied by another Recreation Center paid member aged eighteen or over. The member must remain in the building with their guests at all times. For guests under the age of fourteen, the member responsible for them must stay in the same area of the building with them at all times.
  5. Tennis sneakers are the only form of footwear allowed on the tennis surfaces. Sneakers are the only form of footwear permitted on the basketball courts. Black soles are not allowed on any courts.
  6. Bare feet are allowed only on the Pool Deck.
  7. Eating is not allowed in the Recreation Center.
  8. Glass containers are not allowed anywhere inside the Recreation Center.
  9. Smoking, gum chewing, drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco are not permitted in the Recreation Center.
  10. Members and guests assume all risks for personal injury and damage. If medical assistance is warranted, appropriate medical personnel will be contacted at the individual’s expense.
  11. Recreation Center members age eighteen and over, and/or a Boston College undergraduate student, may sign in a guest. The member and his or her guest must fill out a guest card and the guest must pay the appropriate fee per visit. The member must remain in the Recreation Center with the guest at all times. Each member is allowed to sign in a maximum of three guests per day. If a member wishes to bring in more than three guests, he or she must make arrangements through the Membership Office at least three business days in advance. All guests of students will be charged a Daily Guest Fee. Any child under the age of 5 will not be charged.
  12. Pets, bicycles, and scooters are not allowed anywhere in the Recreation Center.
  13. Rollerblading, in-line skating, and skate boarding are not allowed anywhere in the Recreation Center.
  14. Balloons are not allowed in the Recreation Center.
  15. All lost or stolen BC ID cards of faculty, staff or students must be replaced through the Campus ID Office located in Lyons Hall. All other ID’s, lost or stolen, must be replaced through the Membership Office for $5.00. ID cards which have been altered or used by anyone other than the Boston College member will be confiscated at the Front Desk.
  16. Profanity, fighting, lewd, and any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Patrons should treat each other and the staff with courtesy and respect.
  17. Any Equipment Desk rental equipment that is lost or damaged will be charged to the member who signed out for it. The BC ID of the person who signed out the equipment will be held until the equipment replacement is paid.
  18. Non-BC Center locks will be cut off of any locker.
  19. Please lock up all items and personal belongings. The Recreation Center is not responsible for any member’s possessions that are not locked up or are left unattended.
  20. Cell phone use is restricted to the Front Lobby.
  21. Photography and videography at both the Recreation Center and the Hut are prohibited unless you receive prior approval from BC Rec professional staff.
  22. Patrons may not teach any private instruction of any type or bring in a private teacher with them without prior authorization from the Recreation Center administration.
  23. Designated areas are to be used for their intended purpose unless prior authorization is given by the Recreation Center administrative staff. For example, only tennis may be played on tennis courts, only squash on squash courts, etc.
  24. The track is to be used for walking or jogging only. No sprints are allowed on the track unless prior authorization is given by the BC Rec professional staff.
  25. In the event of a fire alarm, everyone must vacate the building at the nearest exit, as directed by the Recreation Center staff.
  26. Personal MP3 players are acceptable, but stereos are not appropriate.
  27. Reservations for the tennis courts, squash courts, and racquetball courts will be forfeited if reserving party does not arrive after 15 minutes of start. At that point, the court will become first-come, first served.
  1. Only Campus Recreation staff members may provide exercise instruction and private training.
  2. Groups of 5 or more people who want to work out in an area together must book the space through the Space Request Form
  3. Food and gum is not permitted.
  4. Chalk is not permitted.
  5. Personal belongings must be stowed in a designated space (locker or cubby). BC Rec is not responsible for personal belongings being lost, stolen, or damaged.
  6. Patrons must be at least 14 years old to enter the fitness area.
  7. Athletic shoes must be worn in the fitness area, including spaces for stretching. Appropriate footwear does not include: sandals, bare feet, socks, steel-toed boots or aqua socks.
  8. Appropriate athletic attire is required. Jeans or pants with buttons/hardware are not permitted.
  9. Profanity, yelling and grunting will not be tolerated.
  10. All drinks must be kept in spill-proof plastic containers.
  11. Do not stack, bang, throw, or drop weights.
  12. Re-rack all weights and return exercise accessories to their proper places. Bars should remain in or near the squat racks and bench racks. Bars should not be used in random places around the fitness area, and should be re-racked.
  13. When necessary, use a spotter. Fitness Attendants are available to provide this service at their own discretion.
  14. When performing multiple sets, allow other members to use the equipment during rest periods.
  15. Clean equipment after use.
  16. Return borrowed reading materials to the designated area after use.
  17. Observe a 30-minute time limit on cardiovascular equipment during peak hours.
  18. All equipment should be used only in the manner for which it is designed. Do not attempt to modify equipment or use is in a non-standard manner.
  19. Patrons are encouraged to bring a towel to dry their bodies, which protects the equipment from excess perspiration.
  20. Proper warm-up and cool-downs are recommended for a healthy work out.
  21. Users of this facility must comply with all instructions given by the facility staff. Failure to comply with instructions or regulations may result in suspension of center privileges.
  22. All concerns and maintenance needs should be immediately reported to the Fitness Attendant.
  23. All equipment must remain in the building. Outside equipment may not be brought in. 
  24. Report all injuries to Fitness Attendant immediately.
  25. Individuals are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use. Broken or damaged equipment and/or equipment malfunctions should be reported to the Fitness Attendant immediately.
  26. Cell phones are permitted on the fitness floor, but no phone calls are allowed.
  27. Using safety clips is recommended for all barbell and plate lifts and is required for barbell overhead lifts, squat and bench.
  28. See General Group Fitness policies here.

General Group Fitness Policies

  • Please arrive on time for class and avoid leaving early if possible. Late arrivals are not allowed in the room 5 minutes after the start of class. If you must leave early, please let your instructor know at the beginning of class.
  • Entering a class in progress is prohibited. Please refrain from entering the room before the current class has finished completely.
  • Please follow the instructor’s routine and keep conversations to a minimum.
  • Appropriate athletic attire is required. Please be modest with your tops and bottoms. Shirts covering the midriff must be worn at all times, in all classes (including yoga). Jeans or pants with buttons/hardware are not permitted.
  • All personal items should be kept in a locker or cubby. Staff is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Mobile phone use is not allowed during class. Phones must be left in a locker or cubby during class.
  • Personal music devices may not be used during class.
  • No food or drink except water in a closed, unbreakable container is permitted.
  • Profanity, excessively loud or offensive language, will not be tolerated.
  • Only BC Recreation approved staff are permitted to teach in facilities during scheduled class times.
  • Approval is required for use of studio during unscheduled times.
  • Individual use of the facility stereo equipment is prohibited.
  • Instructors reserve the right to cancel a group fitness class if two or fewer participants are in attendance.

MPR Policies

  • Class participation is on a first come, first served basis. Please understand and respect the instructor’s directions in regards to the allowed maximum number for participation.
  • Close-toe athletic footwear is required for most classes, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • Equipment must be cleaned and returned after class use.
  • Slamming, dropping, or throwing equipment is not allowed.
  • Equipment may not be removed from the studio/court areas.
  • Yoga mats and general fitness mats are provided in group fitness classes, however, all members are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats for sanitary reasons. Yoga mats will be on sale at the Equipment Desk.

Spin Room Policies

  • You can reserve a spot in class up to 24 hours in advance by calling the Equipment Desk at 617-552-0796. If you do not arrive 5 minutes prior to class, your space may be released.
  • Free hand towels are available for use and also recommended. Please make sure to return the towel when you leave the room.
  • Participants may not adjust the cycles other than handle bar height, seat height, and adding a gel pad (no bringing your own pedals, seats, etc…).
  • Certain stretches on the bike are not allowed to increase the longevity of the bike and for your safety. Please follow instructor’s directions. 
  • Please clean your bike after use.
  • A water bottle is greatly recommended.

Warning: Special-effect lighting may be used at the discretion of the instructor. If you have a health concern related to the lighting please information the instructor prior to the start of class.

Group fitness classes at the Quonset Hut follow these policies as well, with the exception of Spin reservations.

Pool Rules

  1. Eating, drinking, gum chewing, and smoking are not allowed in the pool area. Also, glass containers are not allowed.
  2. Running on the deck, chicken fights, and horseplay of any kind are not tolerated in the pool or pool area.
  3. Bathing suits must be worn by all. Cut-offs, gym shorts, sport bras, underwear, shirts are not allowed.
  4. Kickboards are for kicking laps in the designated lap lanes only. They should not be sat on, used for “surfing,” or for any other use that they are not intended. They are not permitted in the free swim area, and they may not be used as floats for children.
  5. A swimmer may not use fins or paddles when the lane is being shared.
  6. Flotation devices of all kinds are not permitted in the pool (including water wings, bubbles, inner-tubes, noodles, inflatable bathing suits).
  7. Toys may not be brought into the pool during recreational swim (including beach balls, diving sticks, rings, etc.)
  8. Shoes and sneakers must be taken off before walking on the pool deck. In addition, baby carriages are not permitted on the pool deck. However, shoes must be worn in all other areas of the Center including the track and basketball courts.
  9. Soap showers must be taken by all before using the pool.
  10. Pool equipment and chemicals are to be handled by the pool personnel only.
  11. Starting blocks may only be used during swim practices.
  12. Lane lines are designed to separate lanes. They must not be hung on or abused in any way.
  13. The lifeguard stands are for lifeguards only
  14. When an Adult Swim is called, all those under the age of 16 must vacate the pool deck (for 15 minutes)
  15. Adults take priority over children in the designated lap lanes.
  16. All non-potty trained children must wear a plastic diaper, with a bathing suit worn over the diaper.
  17. Children who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  18. Swimming is not permitted without a lifeguard on duty.
  19. Profanity, fighting, any other inappropriate behavior (including inappropriate intimate contact) will not be tolerated. In addition, patrons should treat each other and the staff with courtesy and respect.
  20. If there are more than two lap swimmers sharing a lap lane, then laps should be swum in a circle.
  21. Pets are not allowed into the pool or surrounding area.
  22. Swimming near the drains is potentially dangerous and is not permitted.
  23. Band-Aids should be removed before entering the pool.
  24. Diving is not permitted in the main pool. The starting blocks are designed for competitive, swim practices where there is a coach. Keep patrons off of them.
  25. Running and jumping into the water is not allowed.
  26. Swimming under water for more than ¾ of a length is not permitted.

Massachusetts Pool Health Regulations

  1. All persons are required to take a cleansing shower bath before entering the pool. No bather shall enter the pool unless he first takes a cleansing shower.
  2. No person with a communicable disease is allowed to use the pool.
  3. No person suffering from a fever, cough, cold, inflammation of the eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or any communicable disease shall be allowed the use of the pool.
  4. No person with sores or other evidence of skin disease, or who is wearing a bandage or medical covering of any kind, shall be allowed the use of the pool.
  5. No person shall spit in or in any other way contaminate the pool, or its floors, walkways, aisles, or dressing rooms.
  6. No bather shall wear a bathing suit that is unclean.
  7. No glass, with the exception of shatterproof light shields, shall be permitted in the pool or on walkways within eight feet of the pool.
  8. No person shall bring or throw into the pool any object that may in any way carry contamination or endanger the safety of bathers.

Our youth policies exists in order to ensure that all minors are provided a safe and enjoyable environment when visiting Campus Recreation facilities. Campus Recreation is not a day care provider and does not offer babysitting services, although the department does offer a variety of youth programming.

When children are enrolled in Campus Recreation youth programs, direct supervision by a legal guardian is not required since a properly trained BC employee is supervising the minor. Minors that are not enrolled in a Campus Recreation program but are visiting one of the facilities are asked to follow these rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at 617-552-0797 or campusrec@bc.edu.

General Rules

  1. A parent or legal guardian of a child under 18 is required to sign an entry waiver each time the minor enters any Campus Recreation facility.  Minors may enter the facility with a sponsoring adult that is not a parent or legal guardian, but a guest waiver must be fully completed and signed prior to the arrival of the visiting minor.  The waiver is available for download or copies may be picked up in the Member Services Office. Completed forms may be emailed (campusrec@bc.edu), faxed or hand-delivered to the Member Services Office.  Minors that are enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student are exempted from this rule.
  2. Children under the age of 14 must be directly supervised by a sponsoring adult at all times while in the facility.  Direct supervision is defined as the sponsoring adult being physically in the same immediate area as the child at all times.
  3. Patrons must be at least 18 (or a current Boston College student) to participate in any group fitness or small group training classes.
  4. Children ages 14 to 17 must be adequately supervised by a sponsoring adult at all times while in the facility.  Adequate supervision is defined as the sponsoring adult being in the same facility as the child at all times.
  5. Children under the age of five may enter a locker room of the opposite sex if accompanied by the sponsoring adult.  Children over the age of five may not use locker rooms of the opposite sex and are directed to use the Family Changing Room.
  6. Campus Recreation members over the age of 18 may sign in up to three guests that are not members. The member and his or her guest(s) must check in at the Member Services office and pay the appropriate day fee.  Members are required to provide direct supervision to all guests from entry to exit.  Members that would like to bring in more than three guests at once must submit a written request to campusrec@bc.edu.  All guests of members will be charged a daily guest fee. Children under the age of five may enter with a sponsoring adult free of charge.

Program Rules

  1. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult to and from the program area where lesson is being held. Children 14 - 17 must be accompanied into and out of the building by an adult.

Fitness Center Rules

  1. Patrons must be at least 14 years old to enter the fitness area.

Pool Rules

  1. Adults take priority over children in the designated lap lanes.
  2. All children that are not toilet trained must wear a plastic diaper with a bathing suit worn over the diaper.
  3. Children who cannot swim must be accompanied in the pool by an adult at all times.

Spa Rules

  1. All persons using the spa must be at least 16 years old.  No child under the age of 16 should be in the spa room.

Sauna Rules

  1. All persons using the sauna must be at least 16 years old.