Looking for help with your everyday wellness journey? Here are some internal and external resources from Campus Recreation to assist you in maintaining well-being in your mind, body, and soul.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before beginning any exercise featured on this page.

The Center for Student Wellness wants to help you on your health and wellness journey. 

For more information please visit their website below.

Online Resources for Well-Being

Here are some useful online resources available outside Boston College to maintain your daily well-being of mind, body, and soul. 


Mental health, resilience, time, and stress

Type of Resource Name Description
Website Wellness Phone Apps From Oregon State University, Cascades
Website Calm Currently free meditation resource during the pandemic
Website Barre Intensity Online video platform for barre classes
Article Mindful "How Mindfullness Can Help You Navigate the Coronavirus Panic"
Article Olympic College Recreation "What's Possible When Stuck at Home"
Article Talkspace "What is Catastrophic Thinking? (And How to Stop)"
Article Coronavirus Resource Hub Multiple articles on how to deal with the pandemic
App Headspace Guided meditation at home
App Oak Meditation and breathing exercises
App Insight Timer Free at home guided meditation
App Spotify Playlists for calming, meditations, and more
App Scribd Books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers (free for 30 days)


Nutrition, alcohol, sleep, and exercise

Type of Resource Name Description
Website Under Armour Challenge Map My Fitness Under Armour Challenge
Website Trainer Plus For trainers to assist patrons virtually
Website LifeFitness Workout of the Day Challenge
Website Yoga Girl Free online yoga classes
Website Super Hero Fitness TV Hip hop & island dance fitness
Website Free Yoga Personal Page of Instructor
Website Y360: Virtual YMCA Youtube channel with free classes
Website OTX Yoga Free yoga via Zoom
Website Core Power on Demand Yoga classes (free for now)
Website Les Mills on Demand Les Mills classes (free for now)
Website 6 Minute Workouts New York Times 6-minute workouts
Website Yoga Journal Online yoga classes (free through May 14th)
Website Get Healthy U TV Subscription accessed workouts
Website Alcohol Education
Online AA
Online Intergroup AA
Info about tolerance, BA, metabolism, & more
Website Smokefree Tools to quit smoking
Video Jessica Valant Pilates Pilates workouts with a performer
Video Fitness Blender Free workout videos
Video Pop Sugar Fitness Youtube channel with workouts
Video The Fitness Marshall Youtube channel with dance fitness
Video Energy X Fitness Studio Free online total body workouts
Video Georgia Howard Yoga & Meditation Youtube channel with yoga and meditation
App Openfit On-demand workouts, live classes, & nutrition
App Down Dog Personalized at-home workouts
App PRx Fit Free daily workouts
App ZMovement Facebook message the app for workout advice
App Peloton At-home workouts (free for 90 days)
App Gio At-home yoga for a cost
App FitOn App Free workouts with trainers
App Nike Training Club Free workouts with other paid programs
Other Pure Barre Facebook page for local barre studio


Relationships, community, social life, and spirituality

Type of Resource Name Description
Article Talkspace "Remaining Emotionally Connected While Practicing Social Distancing"
Article Talkspace "5 Tips for Maintaining Community During the Coronavirus Crisis"

Outdoor Knot Series

Learn to tie knots with our Outdoor Adventure Center and build a skill useful from the wilderness to your backyard!

The Figure 8    |   The Figure 8 Follow Through   |   The Figure 8 on a Bight  |  2 Loop Figure 8    |  Bowline

If you choose to exercise on any platform with Boston College and its affiliates, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that there is an innate risk of injury when participating in any physical activity. Participation is voluntary and practiced in a safe place suitable for this activity. Some practices may not be safe under certain medical conditions. You agree to consult a doctor if you have any medical concerns. If you experience any physical or emotional pain or discomfort, you will listen to your body, adjust the practice, and ask for support from a medical provider. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that have now or hereafter may have against Boston College and its affiliates. You have read this disclaimer and have acknowledged it prior to participating in any activity.