Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Virtual Weekday Wellness Checks

Virtual group fitness for at-home wellness.

Weekdays through the summer we offered a variety of wellness activities with some of our Campus Recreation staff. Each day had a theme: Mindfulness Monday, Tabata Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Trailblazer Thursday, and Fitness Friday. 

Mindfulness Monday

Short and sweet mindfulness activities that you can practice on your own time. Shared through graphics, videos, or short descriptions. A gentle and mindful way to start your week. This class will usually last between 10 and 15 minutes.

Archived Classes
March 30thVideo
April 6thVideo
April 13thVideo
April 20thVideo
April 27thVideo
May 4thVideo
May 11thVideo
May 18thVideo
May 25thVideo
June 15thVideo
June 22ndVideo
June 29thVideo
July 6thVideo
July 13thVideo
July 20thVideo
July 27thVideo

Archived videos of previous classes are available on Campus Recreation's YouTube

Tabata Tuesday

This 45 minute class features various bodyweight exercises fit for all levels in TABATA style: 8 rounds of 30 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest. Each workout will feature multiple TABATAs that will change every week to bring you the benefits of high intensity interval training in the space of your own home. 

Archived Classess
March 31stVideoSpotify
April 14thVideoSpotify
April 21stVideoSpotify
April 28thVideoSpotify
May 5thVideoSpotify
May 12thVideoSpotify
May 19thVideoSpotify
May 26thVideoSpotify
June 2ndVideoSpotify
June 9thVideoSpotify
June 16thVideoSpotify
June 23rdVideoSpotify
June 30thVideoSpotify
July 7thVideoSpotify
July 14thVideoSpotify
July 21stVideoSpotify
July 28thVideoSpotify
August 4thVideoSpotify
August 11thVideoSpotify

Archived videos will be posted for free access on Youtube within 72 hours of airing.

Wellness Wednesday

A mixture of yoga, pilates, and meditation classes accessible for all-levels. These 30 to 45 minute classes focus on creating space, inviting movement, and cultivating a shared experience. 

Archived Classes
April 1stVideoSpotify
April 8thVideoSpotify
April 15thVideoSpotify
April 22ndVideoSpotify
April 29thVideoSpotify
May 6thVideoSpotify
May 13thVideoSpotify
May 20thVideoSpotify
May 27th-Spotify
June 3rd-Spotify
June 17thVideoSpotify
June 24thVideoSpotify
July 1stVideoSpotify
July 15th-Spotify
July 22ndVideoSpotify
July 29thVideoSpotify
August 5thVideo-

Archived videos of previous classes are available on Campus Recreation's YouTube.

Trailblaze Thursday

Thursdays are for total body workouts that will highlight one piece of equipment you might have in your home, such as a single dumbbell, kettlebell, or resistance band. Don’t have any equipment? Don’t worry - creative modifications with household items or bodyweight options are included!

Archived Classes
April 2ndVideoSpotify
April 16thVideoSpotify
April 23rdVideoSpotify
April 30thVideoSpotify
May 7thVideoSpotify
May 14thVideoSpotify
May 21stVideoSpotify
May 28thVideoSpotify
June 4thVideoSpotify
June 18thVideoSpotify
June 25thVideoSpotify
July 2ndVideoSpotify
July 9thVideoSpotify
July 16thVideoSpotify
July 23rdVideoSpotify
July 30thVideoSpotify
August 6thVideoSpotify
August 13thVideoSpotify

Archived videos will be posted for free access on Youtube within 72 hours of airing.


Fitness Feature Friday

Will it be Bootcamp, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, or some brand new fitness idea? Who knows! The fun is in the surprise!

Archived Classes
April 3rdVideoSpotify
April 10thVideoSpotify
April 17thVideoSpotify
May 1stVideoSpotify
May 8thVideoSpotify
May 15thVideoSpotify
May 22ndVideoSpotify
May 29thVideoSpotify
June 5thVideoSpotify
June 12thVideo-
June 19thVideoSpotify
June 26thVideo-
July 3rdVideoSpotify
July 10thVideoSpotify
July 17thVideoSpotify
July 24thVideoSpotify
July 31stVideoSpotify
August 7thVideoSpotify
August 14th-Spotify


If you choose to exercise on any platform with Boston College and its affiliates, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that there is an innate risk of injury when participating in any physical activity. Participation is voluntary and practiced in a safe place suitable for this activity. Some practices may not be safe under certain medical conditions. You agree to consult a doctor if you have any medical concerns. If you experience any physical or emotional pain or discomfort, you will listen to your body, adjust the practice, and ask for support from a medical provider. You hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that have now or hereafter may have against Boston College and its affiliates. You have read this disclaimer and have acknowledged it prior to participating in any activity. 

Missing your favorite group fitness instructors at the Connell Center? Some of our instructors are providing workouts from home, just for you.

This list will be updated periodically as workouts are filmed.

Cardio Kickboxing with DanielleSpotify
15 Minute Core with Mary