Mentoring & Advising

Within our holistic mentorship model, prominent faculty nurture students with a blend of attentive guidance and autonomy to discern their interests. Students grow into reflective professionals—leaders who enjoy meaningful careers pursuing their passions and catalyzing the success of individuals and communities.

Undergraduate & Graduate Support


First-Year Experience, Reflection, & Action Seminar

Through panel discussions, films, and presentations, the ERA seminar eases the transition to college and adult life. Each week, first-year students receive help in locating resources, hone their moral and cognitive reasoning, and become more critical and civic-minded citizens.

Lynch Office of Undergraduate Programs

The team in Campion 104 serves as a vital source of support for students as they adjust to college—assisting them with everything from career goals and service opportunities to counseling and academic progress. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs at 617-552-4204.


Graduate Student Services

In Campion 135, graduate students have access to academic and personal support, guidance on graduation requirements and placements, and even free coffee. The Graduate Student Services team also hosts Grad Hour, a weekly gathering during which students socialize and share their experiences.

Program Advisors

Faculty advisors help students navigate their programs and design individualized educational experiences that prepare them for satisfying careers.

Formative Education & Advising

Our whole person approach to education and advising encourages student development along various dimensions—inspiring personal, professional, social, and spiritual transformation.

Student Ambassadors

Gain insight into your potential program—including course selection, field work and practicum experiences, and student life—by speaking with a current student.

Experience, Reflection, Action

The ERA seminar includes both group discussion and individual advising.

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