Quick Wins. Tips #1. February 2022. Verify your BC-owned computer is backed up.

The Quick Wins campaign aims to provide faculty and staff with recommended actions to help protect their data and privacy, quickly.

    March Tip - Learn about Get Tech

    When you use your BC email address or BC computer to sign up for online services or get software, even if they are free, you may be putting your personal information and Boston College data at risk. 

    Not all companies meet BC’s security standards when it comes to protecting user data. To be cyber safe, if you are interested in any software, hardware, or technology services, even if they are free, please use the “Get Tech” process, which includes:

    1. Reviewed Technology List [BC Google sign-in required]: Review software considered approved for purchase/use, and software we do not recommend - be sure to look at all six tabs.
    2. Request New Technology [BC sign-in required]: Didn’t find something that meets your needs? Fill out the University Tech Acquisition Request Form.

    Learn More About Get Tech: bc.edu/gettech

    When you use Get Tech, a coordinator from ITS will leverage a team of professionals from across ITS, General Counsel, Risk Management, Controller’s Office, and Procurement Services to ensure your data is safe, and the software or services you want meet University standards.

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    Quick Win # 1 - Verify your data is backed up