BC has site licenses for student and faculty home use for the research software listed on this page. For use on a BC-owned computer, please contact your TC to schedule a time to install the software.


Many of the applications on this page are also available on the BC Application Server, which means you don't have to download and install them on your personal computer.

Looking for other software titles?

To inquire about other research software titles, please contact: researchservices@bc.edu

Do not duplicate or replicate downloaded software.


Boston College has a site license for ArcGIS. Students and faculty may download and install it on their computers. Each installation of ArcGIS requires an authorization file. Instructions to obtain the required authorization file are given in the PDF below.


Boston College has a site license for Mathematica or you can access Mathematica via the BC Application Server (https://bcapps.bc.edu). Students and faculty may install Mathematica on their computers.

Download from the Wolfram Portal

The most efficient way of installing Mathematica is to follow the instructions on downloading the software and obtaining the activation key directly from a Wolfram portal from the link buttons below. Note: Downloading Mathematica will progress much more quickly using a wired internet connection.


SAS is an integrated collection of quantitative analysis, and data management and warehousing software. It is used both in academic research, academic administration, and in private industry (across disciplines).

  • Licensed for teaching and research use by BC Faculty and Staff.
  • Licenses for administrative purposes are obtained individually through ITS Research Services.
  • Available via the BC Application Server: https://bcapps.bc.edu
  • Installed on computers in the BC Libraries Digital Studio (O'Neill 205), various departmental computer labs, and on the Linux Research Cluster (Scorpio).


Faculty and Staff: Contact your Technology Consultant to obtain this software title.


SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics)


There are a few options for students to access IBM SPSS:

  • Via the BC Application Server (https://bcapps.bc.edu).
  • Via BC-owned computers, such as computers in offices and labs.
  • Students who want to install SPSS on their computer, can lease SPSS for 12 months for less than $100 from www.onthehub.com/spss.

Important: bcapps.bc.edu is not a good place to use SPSS with sensitive or secure data. If you have sensitive or secure data and are using SPSS, please contact researchservices@bc.edu to discuss how best to accommodate your needs.

Faculty BC-Owned Computers

BC has licenses for teaching and non-commercial academic research for use by BC faculty on BC-owned computers. If you would like SPSS installed on your BC-owned computer, contact your Technology Consultant (TC) or ITS Research Services (researchservices@bc.edu).

Faculty Personally-Owned Computers

There are a limited number of licenses available for faculty personally-owned computers. To obtain this title, contact your Technology Consultant (TC) or ITS Research Services (researchservices@bc.edu).



Looking for other software titles?

To inquire about other research software titles, please contact researchservices@bc.edu.