Even when you are away from campus, you have technology resources available to you. Before traveling with your computer or mobile device, be sure to review our computing tips and security information.

Technology Support from Boston College While Abroad

  • Visit BC's Technology Support website.
  • Contact the BC Technology Help Center for software and other technology help questions.

Support from Apple, Dell, HP, or Other Computer Vendor

Before you leave:

  1. Verify your laptop's warranty and repair information.
  2. Check the computer manufacturer’s website for repair information in the country to which you're traveling.
  3. Print and bring this information with you in case you experience any hardware problems abroad.
  4. Search your computer vendor's website to learn how to get local technical support while abroad.

Mobile Devices

Wireless Service Provider Charges

When traveling abroad with your mobile phone, be aware that there may be additional costs for using services outside the United States. Charges could apply not just to calls you make when traveling internationally, but also to texting, web browsing, emailing, BC calendaring, and other internet services.

Before you leave the U.S., check with your phone service provider to see what services will be available to you internationally and how much they cost. If you need to make adjustments to your plan to cover international services, do so before you leave.

Adapters or Convertors

Determine if you need adapters or converters for your devices. Make sure you have the proper plug adapters. Modern laptops have "switching" power supplies that can use both standard AC and DC current in most countries, but wall outlets outside the United States are often a different style and may require you to use an adapter.