Learn about the BC voicemail system for faculty, staff, and students.

Voicemail Changes Coming August 10

Starting August 10, voicemail at Boston College will be on a new system as part of a project to replace outdated software and equipment.

Download Voicemail Messages You Want to Keep

If you have saved voice messages in your BC voicemail you want to keep, download them as soon as possible. After August 30, any voicemails on the old system will no longer be available. Follow these steps for each message you want to keep:

  1. On your computer, log in to vmail.bc.edu.
  1. From the list view, find the voice message you want to keep, and click on it.
  2. When viewing the Details of a single message, under the Attachments section, right-click Voice Message, choose Save Link As, verify the location it will save to, and click Save.

Ways to Access Voicemail


2-4006 (on campus)
617-552-4006 (off campus)

Mobile App

ThinkRite Voice Client, for iOS or Android

Voicemail Setup

  1. Dial 2-4006 (on-campus) or 617-552-4006 (off-campus).
  2. Log in using your 5-digit extension (or 6-digits for shared box) and the voicemail password/PIN given to you by the Help Center—617-552-HELP (4357).
  3. Change your voicemail password/PIN. It cannot include sequential, identical, or adjacent numbers (e.g., 12345, 11111, or 14725).
  4. Record your name.
  5. Record and activate any custom greetings.

Online Voicemail Services


Mobile App

In addition to listening to your messages on the phone, you can also listen to and manage your messages using a mobile app.

Installing the App

  • iPhones: Search for ThinkRite Voice Client in the AppStore
  • Androids: Search for ThinkRite Voice Client in Google Play Store

Using the App

Before setting up the app, set up your voicemail via phone.

The first time you open the app on your device, you are prompted to log in. Use this information to log in:

  • Your BC email address in this format: username@bc.edu
  • You mailbox is the last 5-digits of your BC phone number (or 6-digits for shared boxes)
  • Your voicemail password/PIN

Admin Voice Menus

An administrative voice menu is an audio menu that plays when a particular phone extension is called. For example, when you call the Help Center at 617-552-4357 (or 2-4357 from on campus), you will hear an administrative voice menu.

Administrative voice menus can be programmed to play either every time a phone extension is called or only when the phone is not answered or only when the phone extension is busy.

Creating & Updating Administrative Voice Menus

Creating & updating an administrative voice menu requires some planning and collaboration between ITS and the department or student organization that needs it. To create or update your administrative voice menu:

  • Faculty/Staff: Contact your Technology Consultant.
  • Student organizations: Contact the Help Center at 617-552-4357 (2-4357 on campus) or help.center@bc.edu.