BCCR is the Boston College Computer Replacement Program. Through the program, eligible faculty and staff computers are replaced every four years.




New BCCR Computer Questions?

Contact the Help Center at 2-HELP (617-552-4357) with any questions.


The current BCCR cycle (BCCR6) will run from June 1, 2024 through May 31, 2028.

Primary computers

BCCR eligibility is determined by position number. Eligibility requirements: 

  • Full time
  • Regular (not temporary)
  • Budgeted (position is funded)
  • Active
  • Within eligible salary accounts

One computer is deployed per position, per four-year BCCR cycle. Eligible faculty positions may select a standard desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac. Non-standard systems incur a variance which must be approved and paid from the Provost fund or department budget. Eligible staff positions are issued a standard Windows desktop. Any other model incurs a variance which must be approved and paid with department funds.

Shared computers

Shared computers used in faculty areas are eligible for any standard desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac. Any other model incurs a variance that must be paid from the Provost Fund or department budget.

Shared computers used in administrative areas are eligible for a standard Windows desktop. All other models incur a variance that must be paid with department funds or EVP approved funds.

Classroom Computers

Classroom computers may be any standard computer. Variances are covered by department budget.

Department Responsibilities

Approval and Funding for Hardware Upgrades

  • Departments are responsible for receiving the appropriate approvals for any special hardware upgrades or requests, and transferring the necessary funds to ITS.
  • The transfer of funds needs to be done according to a pre-defined timeline that enables the BCCR team to place orders far enough in advance to ensure equipment arrives in time for the department’s scheduled upgrades.


Computer Exchange

For each computer provided through BCCR, there is a 1:1 exchange required. Departments must return a working BC-purchased computer. Departments who wish to return their older systems first, must work closely with the BCCR Team. It is critical that the Asset Management system has all the required information and that all licensing requirements are resolved prior to the date of the exchange.

For this BCCR cycle, if you're moving from a desktop to a laptop, you will need to return all the accessories that were deployed with the desktop (including your monitor, keyboard, power adapter, and mouse).

Computer Donations

As a practice, Boston College does not donate computers to charity organizations.  Computers that are no longer in use have their hard drives erased to comply with software license agreements and are sent to a third-party vendor for Asset Recovery and resold by the third party. If determined to not be resalable by the third party, the computers are disposed in a manner that adheres to all EPA, federal, and state regulations.

What Type of Computer will I Receive?


Each eligible staff member is allocated a Windows (Dell) standard desktop. Other requests will incur a variance to be covered by department funds.


Each eligible faculty member may choose any standard computer (Dell or Apple, desktop or laptop).

The "variance" is the cost between the model you are eligible to receive and the model you select.
If the computers listed do not meet your computing needs, please contact your area TC to discuss options.

When will I get my new computer?

Departments have been grouped by deployment years based closely on the replacement schedule of the previous cycle.

About 1-4 weeks prior to your department's alloted timeframe, your Department Contact (DC) will schedule the specific installation date and may ask you for your preferred day and time.

1-4 Weeks Before You Receive Your New Computer

What to expect:

  • Your DC and TC identify which systems are eligible for replacement, which of the available computer models to purchase, and secure approval and funding for special orders.
  • Your DC schedules the replacements, and may ask you for your preferred day and time. 
  • Your TC helps identify and test any special software and peripherals, such as scanners, used in your department.
  • You will receive email reminders about your scheduled replacement.
  • You will receive a link to instructions on how to prepare for your new computer.
  • Your DC may schedule and invite you to training.

What you can do to prepare for your new computer:

  • Delete files you no longer need and empty the Recycle Bin when you’re done.
  • Remove any personal files, such as photos or music, from your computer.
    • The BCCR team is not responsible for personal files! Remember it’s not appropriate (and sometimes violates copyright law) to store personal music or movies on your work computer.
  • If you are returning a Mac computer, please sign out of iCloud and ensure that the computer is no longer registered to you in the 'Find My' app.
  • Confidential information such as FERPA-protected material, Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, and any financial or personally identifiable information should not be stored on your BC computer. We strongly recommend you review the Regulated Data Chart to help you decide where to store confidential data.
    • Please use BCCR as an opportunity to double-check that confidential information has been removed. For more information, see BC's Data Security Policy.


1 Day Before & The Day You Receive Your New Computer


1 to 2 Weeks After Your Receive Your New Computer

  • If you have any questions about or problems with your new computer, or are missing any files, contact the Help Center at 2-HELP (617-552-4357).
  • After the two week period, the data from your old computer is erased using a secure method.
  • You will receive an email asking for your feedback.

1 Day Before You Receive Your New Computer

  • If you have requested the BCCR team migrate your data, be aware ahead of time where all your files are saved on your computer.
  • If you are returning a Mac computer, please sign out of iCloud and ensure that the computer is no longer registered to you in the 'Find My' app.
  • If you have used iTunes to purchase music, deauthorize your computer: From the Account menu, select Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer.
  • If you currently use CrashPlan Backup or some other backup method, back up your computer the day before you are scheduled to receive your new one.
  • Note: ITS will retain your old computer in a secured area for 2 weeks. However, if there are files you are particularly concerned about, move them to Google Drive as an extra precaution and/or easy retrieval.
  • Clear your computer of any personal items such as post-it notes, stickers, or decorations.
  • Make sure that the area around your computer is tidy and that the BCCR team member will be able to access electrical outlets and network jacks.

What to Expect The Day You Receive Your New Computer

  • Please be available for the entire 2.5 hour timeslot. You need to be present while your computer is installed.
  • A BCCR team member installs your new computer. 
  • If data migration was requested, you will need to let the BCCR technician know what to migrate. Data will be moved from old to new computer at your desk. The amount of time required varies depending on how much data needs to be moved. Mac to Mac and cross-platform migrations require additional time to complete.
  • You are asked to verify that all your files, including documents, data, and bookmarks, have transferred correctly.
  • The BCCR team removes your old computer and stores it in a secure location for two weeks in case data retrieval is needed after you receive your new computer. If you feel that your old computer needs to be retained longer, please notify your DC.

Have Questions or Need Help?

  • If you have any questions about or problems with your new computer, or are missing any files, contact the Help Center at 2-HELP (617-552-4357).
  • If you have questions about the BCCR program and cannot find the information you need on this website, contact your Department Contact (DC) or the BCCR team at 2-6825 (617-552-6825).

Department Contact Responsibilities

Department Contacts (DCs) serve as coordinators for their departments' computer replacement process. They work closely with the ITS BCCR team and the area Technology Consultant (TC). DCs play an essential role in the computer replacement process and help ensure the replacement goes smoothly.


How do I buy additional computers for my department?

Departments may purchase Apple or Dell computers through BC Procurement. 

How do I dispose of old computers that are NOT BCCR computers?

Review the Hardware Repair FAQ for details.

DC Resources

Preinstalled Software

Each BCCR computer will come preinstalled with a standard set of software. The software included on your computer is dependent on whether it's a Windows (Dell) or a macOS (Apple) computer.

A software program installed on your BCCR computer, Altiris (Windows) or Jamf (Mac), allows ITS to know what software you are running. In addition, BCCR works with your TC and Department Contact to determine what additional software should be installed.

Adobe Acrobat

  • Due to licensing costs, BCCR computers do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed by default.
  • It is possible to create PDFs from many applications without a full version of Acrobat Pro.
  • If you need to edit PDFs or create forms, etc. please notify your Technology Consultant or Department Contact. Adobe Acrobat Professional licenses must be purchased by departments.

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