Student Success Collaborative Software Implementation

In collaboration with the student support organizations (BAIC, LTL, LRSA, CFLC) across campus we are implementing a comprehensive student success management system that links administrators, faculty, staff, and advisors in a coordinated care network to support students from enrollment to graduation.

EagleApps Enrollment Implementation

ITS continues to develop a modern set of web-based applications to manage academic planning and enrollment activities for students, faculty, and administrators including:

  • Curriculum Management
  • Enrollment (Registration, Academic Record, Transcripts, Programs, Program Enrollment)
  • Financial Aid - in Production
  • Student Accounts - in Production
  • Degree Audit/Transfer Articulation

Enrollment CRM Implementation

CRM tools focus on the need to identify and communicate with prospective students who consider, apply to, and enroll at Boston College. It also provides a tool to communicate with other key stakeholders such as parents of prospective students, counselors at high schools and community based organizations, independent college counselors, and alumni. We have implemented the Slate CRM product for all Grad schools and are in implementation with Undergraduate Admissions.

Document Management Solution Implementation

We are implementing Softdocs’ Etrieve document management suite which is an integrated product with a modern web (HTML5) architecture. Etrieve provides a full featured suite of functionality including EForms and Workflow. Etrieve is truly device-independent so all functions/products can be used on any browser on any device. Etrieve will replace the existing document management software NolijWeb which is being used in various department across campus including UA, HR, Finance and Woods College.

Finance Data Warehouse & Reporting

This project will implement a finance data warehouse solution that includes the integration of data from the operational system (PeopleSoft), a reporting data model, an ad-hoc reporting model, and interactive and canned reports. The implementation of a finance data warehouse is one of the strategic goals for enterprise reporting and analytics at the University and is an initiative that will benefit not only the FVP and ITS divisions but also the University as a whole. Adding finance data to the data warehouse will stimulate fiscal responsibility throughout the University by providing enhanced reporting of operational and historical financial data; by building the foundation for broader analytics of financial data; and more importantly, by extending this foundation to integrate with other enterprise data; such as human resources and student enrollments.

Global Engagement Database

The Global Engagement Database project will retrieve information from the Interfolio application and integrate other faculty data to demonstrate faculty global involvement in 5 areas; expertise, research, service, teaching, and work experience. This project will reflect global engagement in these 5 areas for faculty only.

Research Computing Capacity Upgrade

The value and success of research efforts across the campus depend on the availability and reliability of excellent computing resources.  ITS continues to invest in the high-performance Linux computing cluster in support of academic research pursuits. The cluster is used by, but not limited to, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Finance, Geology, Geophysics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Institute for Scientific Research, Lynch School of Education, Carroll School of Management, Theology, and Graduate School of Social Work. The Pleiades high performance research computing cluster will be replaced as we look to increase support for the research community.

Enrollment & Student Analytics & Visualization POC

Universities are now turning to advanced data analysis and communication techniques to enhance decision making regarding admission, financial aid, teaching, learning and student success. The rapid increase of user-friendly technologies that simplifies complex data analysis challenges us to provide an analytic environment whereby stakeholders can begin to gather insights as needed. This project will explore some of the more advanced options and tools to aid in this effort.


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