Quick Wins. Tips #1. February 2022. Verify your BC-owned computer is backed up.

The Quick Wins campaign aims to provide faculty and staff with recommended actions to help protect their data and privacy, quickly.

    February Tip - Verify your data is backed up

    Verify your BC-owned computer is being backed up with BC’s backup service, CrashPlan.

    • Go to https://console.us2.crashplan.com and enter username@bc.edu. It will direct you to BC single sign on (SSO) page, and BC 2-Step Verification (DUO). 
      • Once logged in, you will be presented with a summary screen for your CrashPlan account. It should list any BC-owned computer(s) assigned to you. Look for the BACKUP STATUS section:
    Backup status is 99.9%. Last Activity is 38 minutes ago.
    • Reasons to contact your Technology Consultant:
      • BACKUP STATUS is less than 98%.
      • Backup status bar for a computer(s) is red and LAST ACTIVITY is longer than 21 days.
      • You have a BC-owned computer, and do not see a computer(s) listed or a backup status.

    NOTE: For most faculty & staff, the software installation and backup will be done automatically, and will require no action on your part.


    When ransomware hits, a criminal takes ownership of the infected device’s files and insists they will not be unlocked unless “ransom” is paid. If your computer is backed up, you are less likely to lose data to a ransomware attack. 


    You can unknowingly download ransomware onto a device by opening an infected email attachment, clicking an ad, following a bad link, or even visiting a website that has malware embedded.


    For assistance, contact your local Technology Consultant (TC) or the BC Help Center at 617-552-4357 (HELP).

    To learn more about backup at BC visit: bc.edu/backup