Faculty Directory

James R. Mahalik

Professor, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology


CDEP Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology


Partnering with Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health, which aims to inform the National Male Health Policy which provides findings about male health outcomes to improve programs, services and policies for all Australian men and boys.

Selected Publications

  • Mahalik, J. R., Di Bianca, M., & Sepulveda, J. (2020). Examining father status and purpose to understand new dad’s healthier lives. Psychology of Men and Masculinity. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1037/men0000256.
  • Mahalik, J. R., & Dagirmanjian, F. R. (2019). Working class men’s constructions of help-seeking when feeling depressed or sad. American Journal of Men's Health, 13. Advance online publication. https://doi: 10.1177/1557988319850052.
  • Mahalik, J. R., & Dagirmanjian, F. R. (2018). Working men’s constructions of seeking medical help. American Journal of Men’s Health, 12, 1582-1592.
  • Dagirmanjian, F. R., Mahalik, J. R., Boland, J., Colbow, A., Dunn, J., Pomarico, A., & Rappaport, D. (2017). How do men construct and explain men’s violence? Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 32, 2275-2297.
  • Mahalik, J.R., Lombardi, C.M., Sims, J., Coley, R.L., & Lynch, A.D. (2015).  Gender, male-typicality, and social norms predicting adolescent alcohol intoxication and marijuana use.  Social Science and Medicine, 143, 71-80. 
  • Mahalik, J.R., Coley, R.L., Lombardi, C.M., Lynch, A.D., Markowitz, A., & Jaffee, S. R. (2013). Changes in health risk behaviors for males and females from early adolescence through early adulthood. Health Psychology, 32, 685-694.
  • Mahalik, J. R., Good, G. E., Tager, D. T., Levant, R. F., & Mackowiak, C. (2012). Developing a taxonomy of helpful and harmful practices for clinical work with boys and men. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 59, 591-603.
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  • Hamilton, C.D., & Mahalik, J.R. (2009).  Minority stress, masculinity, and social norms predicting gay men's health risk behaviors. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 56, 132-141.
  • Mahalik, J.R. (2008). a biopsychosocial perspective on men's depression.  Clinical Psychology:  Science and Practice, 15, 174-177.
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