ITS suggests that all community members back up their computer on a regular basis to ensure they do not lose files. 

Faculty & Staff Backup

CrashPlan Backup is the backup service available to all current BC faculty & staff.


About CrashPlan Backup

CrashPlan Backup backs up your data automatically and enables you to quickly and easily restore your own data using the CrashPlan app. It runs silently in the background, continuously protecting data on your computer. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, your data will be backed up to the CrashPlan Cloud. When you are home, VPN is not required for the backup to run.  

Interested in using CrashPlan Backup?

Current faculty & staff, please contact your TC to get CrashPlan Backup. For most faculty & staff, the software installation and back up will be done automatically and will require no action on your part.


FAQ - About Backup Applications

FAQ - About CrashPlan Backup


FAQ - Using CrashPlan Backup 


FAQ - Troubleshooting


If you work with large datasets and the options described below do not work for you, please contact your Technology Consultant, who will discuss and review your needs with appropriate ITS staff members.

Note: To support research, ITS put together a system that includes web, database, and Unix and Windows servers to facilitate collecting, managing, mining, analyzing, publishing, and sharing of large datasets.

Departmental Servers

Store, share, and backup departmental sensitive or confidential data (faculty and staff only). Servers are typically backed up nightly.

Many departments have departmental servers. The capacity and usage requirements vary, depending on the department. For information on servers in your department, please contact your Technology Consultant.

Student Backup

BC Google Workspace

Faculty, staff, and students have space to store files within BC Google Workspace. ITS recommends you install Google Drive for desktop to safely store your files and access them from any device.

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