Faculty Directory

Rebecca Schendel

Associate Professor of the Practice; Managing Director of the Center for International Higher Education


ELHE Educational Leadership & Higher Education

  • Advisor to Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate project
  • Advised UK Department for International Development on higher education strategy
  • Served as Lecturer in Education and International Development at the UCL Institute of Education (UK)
  • Served as Program Director of a university scholarship program in Rwanda


  • Schendel, R., McCowan, T., Rolleston, C., Adu-Yeboah, C., Omingo, M. & Tabulawa. R. (2020) Pedagogies for critical thinking at universities in Kenya, Ghana and Botswana: the importance of a collective ‘teaching culture', Teaching in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2020.1852204
  • Rolleston, C., Schendel, R. and Grijalva Espinosa, A.M. (2019) ‘Assessing “approaches to learning” in Botswana, Ghana and Kenya.’ Research in Comparative and International Education, 14 (1): 118–140. 
  • Schendel, R. (2018) ‘Understanding the relationship between institutional cultures and pedagogical change.’ In Ashwin, P. and Case, J. (eds), Higher Education Pathways: South African Undergraduate Education and the Public Good. Cape Town: African Minds.
  • Schendel, R. and Tolmie, A. (2017) ‘Beyond Translation: Adapting a performance-task-based assessment of critical thinking ability for use in Rwanda.’ Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 42 (5): 673-689.
  •  Schendel, R. and Gantner, G. (2017) ‘Placing the curriculum at the heart of the process: Fostering student-centered pedagogy in Rwanda.’ In Smith, C. and Hudson, K.E. (eds), Faculty Development in Developing Countries: Improving Teaching Quality in Higher Education. New York: Routledge.
  • Schendel, R. (2016) ‘Constructing departmental culture to support pedagogical change: Evidence from a case study in Rwanda.’ Higher Education, 72 (4): 487-504.
  • Schendel, R. (2016) ‘Adapting, not adopting: Barriers affecting teaching for critical thinking at two Rwandan universities.’ Comparative Education Review, 60 (3): 549-570.
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Selected Presentations:

  • Schendel, R. (2019, April). Pedagogical reform within universities: The crucial question of faculty identities and motivations. Presented at the annual Comparative and International Education Society Conference. San Francisco, CA.
  • Schendel, R., McCowan, T., Rolleston, C., Adu-Yeboah, C. & Tabulawa, R. (2019, January). Critical thinking in African higher education: findings from a three-country research study. Presented as part of the UCL Institute of Education Centre for Education & International Development Research in Focus seminar series. London, UK.
  • Schendel, R. (2018, December). Reforming pedagogy to support the development of critical thinking in Ghana, Kenya and Botswana: The challenge of changing faculty identities, motivations and behaviours. Presented at the annual Society for Research into Higher Education conference. Newport, Wales (UK).
  • Schendel, R. (2018, November). The crucial role of faculty teaching orientations in pedagogical reform: Evidence from Ghana, Kenya and Botswana. Presented at the annual Higher Education Learning & Teaching Association of South Africa Conference. Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Schendel, R. (2018, November). Theorising higher education: global perspectives and local realities. Presented as part of the Exploring pathways to the public good of South African undergraduate education conference. Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Ashwin, P., McKenna, S. and Schendel, R. (2018, November). Key Issues in Student Experiences of Undergraduate Education in South Africa. Presented as part of the Exploring pathways to the public good of South African undergraduate education conference. Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Schendel, R. and McCowan, R. (2018, September). Transforming higher education pedagogy for critical thinking: perspectives from Ghana, Kenya and Botswana. Presented at the annual British Association for International and Comparative Education Conference. York (UK).