Faculty Directory

Larry Houston Ludlow

Professor Emeritus


MESA Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment


Moscow, Russia. Higher School of Economics, School of Education: Consultant for PhD program development

Dublin, Ireland. Dublin City University, Center for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education: Advisory Board member

Auckland, New Zealand. University of Auckland: Consultant on variety of research projects

Select Publications

Ludlow L.H., Baez-Cruz M., Chang W.-C. C., & Reynolds K. (2020). Rasch/Guttman Scenario Scales: A Methodological Framework. Journal of Applied Measurement21(4), 361-378.

Wentzell K., Vessey J.A., Laffel L., & Ludlow L.H. (2020). Diabetes Distress in Emerging Adults: Refining the Problem Areas in Diabetes—Emerging Adult Version Using Rasch Analysis. Journal of Applied Measurement21(4), 481-495.

Reynolds K. & Ludlow L. (2020). Does Instructor Availability Matter? Evidence from Course Evaluations. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 31(1), 5-27.

Rogers E.S., Millner U.C., Ludlow L.H., Lord E.M., & Russinova Z. (2020). Development of a Comprehensive Inventory of Community Participation among Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. DOI: 10.1037/prj0000450

Ludlow L.H., Placencio-Castro M., & Scanlan M. (2020). Characterizing Change within a Two-Way Immersion Network of Schools Promoting Bilingual Education: A Social Network Analysis. The International Journal of Diversity in Education20(1), 11-34. DOI: 10.18848/2327-0020/CGP/v20i01/11-34

Ludlow L.H., Anghel E., Szendey O., O’Keefe T., Howell B., Matz-Costa C., & Braun H. (2020). The Boston College Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose (BC-LAMP) Portfolio: An Application of Rasch/Guttman Scenario Methodology. Journal of Applied Measurement21(2), 134-153.

Antipkina I. & Ludlow L.H. (2020). Measuring Parental Involvement as a Holistic Concept Using Rasch/Guttman Scenario Scales. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment38(7), 846-865. DOI: 10.1177/0734282920903164