Faculty Directory

Henry Braun

Boisi Professor of Education and Public Policy and Education Research

Director, CSTEEP

Program Director, Applied Statistics, M.S


MESA Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment


Monographs and Special Publications

  • The Cognitive Outcomes of Liberal Education. White Paper. (2018). New York: Mellon Foundation.
  • International Education Assessments: Cautions, Conundrums, and Common Sense. J.D. Singer, H.I. Braun and N. Chudowsky (Eds.). Washington DC: National Academy of Education. (2018).
  • Choosing our Future: A Story of Opportunity in America. Monograph. (with I. Kirsch, M. Lennon, & A. Sands). Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service. (2016).  Retrieved from http://opportunityproject.ets.org/

Edited Volumes

  • The dynamics of opportunity in America: Evidence and perspectives. I. Kirsch and H. Braun (eds.). New York: Springer. (2016).
  • The challenges to measurement in an era of accountability. H. Braun (ed.). New York: Routledge. (2016).

Refereed Journals

  • Performance Assessment of Critical Thinking: Conceptualization, Design and Implementation (with R. Shavelson, O. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia, K. Borowiec). Frontiers in Education (2020)
  • Changing Times, Changing Needs: Enhancing the Utility of International Large-Scale Assessments (with I. Kirsch). Large-Scale Assessments in Education. (2020)
  • Novice Middle School Teachers’ Preparedness for Teaching and the Helpfulness of Supports: A Survey of One State. (with B. Chaney and F. Jenkins). Education Policy Analysis Archives, 28, 107. (July 20, 2020).
  • The Boston College Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose (BC-LAMP) Portfolio: An Application of Rasch/Guttman Scenario Methodology. (with L. Ludlow, E. Angel, O. Szendey, et al.). Journal of Applied Measurement, 21(2), 134-153. (2020).
  • International Large-Scale Assessments to Monitor Education Systems (with J.D. Singer). American Academy of Political and Social Science, 75-92. (2019).
  • Performance Assessment and Standardization in Higher Education: A Problematic Conjunction? British Journal of Educational Psychology. (2019).
  • How long is the shadow? The relationships of family background to selected adult outcomes. Large-Scale Assessments in Education 6:4. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40536-018-0058-x. (2018)
  • Examining Estimates of Intervention Effectiveness Using Sensitivity Analysis (with C. An). Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 37(2), 45-53. (2018).
  • Testing International Assessments: Rankings Get Headlines, But Often Mislead (with J.D. Singer). Science, 360 (6384), 38-40. (6 April, 2018).
  • The use of test scores from large scale assessment surveys: psychometric and statistical considerations (with M. von Davier). Large-scale Assessments in Education, 5:17 (2017) (DOI 10.1186/s40536-017-0050-x. (2017)

In Edited Volumes

  • The challenges to measurement in an era of accountability: Introduction and overview. In Braun, H. (Ed.). The challenges to measurement in an era of accountability. New York: Routledge. (2016).
  • Opportunity in America: Setting the stage. (with I. Kirsch). In Kirsch, I., & Braun, H. I. (Eds.) The dynamics of opportunity in America: Evidence and perspectives. New York: Springer. (2016).
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  • The relationship of problem solving in technology-rich environments to literacy and numeracy: Insights from PIAAC. In Kirsch, I., Gonzalez, E., von Davier, M., and Yamamoto, K. (Eds.) The Importance of Skills and How to Assess Them: Results from PIAAC. New York: Springer (2015).
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