Why the Lynch School?

Collaborating with esteemed faculty. Exploring new frontiers of research. Sharpening skills through robust practicums. Lynch School students have many opportunities to learn what it means—and what it takes—to enhance the human condition and expand the human imagination.   

Those who share our determination to build a more just world will find an educational experience designed to fulfill that mission.

Local Opportunities, Global Possibilities

As the birthplace of American public education, home to some of the country’s best schools, and a health care hub, Boston presents a unique collection of opportunities that launch successful careers. Our graduates also go on to enjoy rewarding positions around the word.

A Supportive Community

Our faculty and administration support students holistically—guiding their learning, helping them grow socially, spiritually, and emotionally, and connecting them to resources to reach their professional goals.

Financial Aid Options

Every year, we award more than $8.4 million in financial aid to graduate students, through scholarships, fellowships, grants, assistantships, and other financial opportunities.

Academic Excellence

Rigorous, highly ranked, and relevant—our programs innovate in the classroom and in the field. It’s one reason why the Lynch School ranks as the country’s 21st best graduate school of education, according to U.S. News & World Report.

World-Renowned Faculty

As acclaimed scholar-practitioners, our faculty members improve practice, shape policy, and prepare students to serve diverse populations with evidence-based approaches. 

A Focus on Reflective Leaders

With a community-oriented mission and Jesuit ideals, we graduate students dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion, closing opportunity gaps, and changing lives. Research and teaching at the Lynch School prioritize diversity in race, language, learning abilities, and socioeconomic status.

Professional Preparation and Partnerships

In classrooms, practicums, internships, and clinical placements, Lynch School students work with leaders in education and health care. Our 100+ partnerships in Greater Boston allow students to teach, conduct research in schools and hospitals, and assist urban education initiatives.

Program Variety

Our four departments offer more than 30 programs, ranging from Curriculum & Instruction to Severe Special Needs, Counseling Psychology, and Applied Statistics & Psychometrics.

Lifelong Connections

Graduates join an extensive network of teachers, principals, superintendents, professors, curriculum specialists, policymakers, assessment experts, and counselors. Many of our 24,263 Lynch School alumni and 185,724 Boston College alumni support students with personal mentoring and professional connections.

At Boston College, the professors really care beyond academics;
they’re invested in you as a person—not just as a student.
Talya Gunasekara ’14

We’re committed to conducting innovative research—work that informs solutions to complex social problems and promotes the common good. 


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