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Stanton Wortham

Inaugural Charles F. Donovan, S.J., Dean

  • Helping to lead and hosting the Global Education Deans Forum
  • Working with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to evaluate Hyukshin Schools
  • Convening global scholars to envision whole person education betting well-being

New Book Release

Migration Narratives: Diverging Stories in Schools, Churches, and Civic Institutions

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“This book offers an ambitious, sociohistorically-informed examination of Mexican migrants' trajectories within an East Coast community, revealed through participant observation in diverse spaces and analyses of narratives told about immigrants in this town. Complex, nuanced and compelling: a must-read for anyone interested in how local histories intersect to shape contemporary experiences of migration.” —Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Professor of Education and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of International Migration, UCLA, USA