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Patrick McQuillan

Associate Professor, Teaching, Curriculum, and Society


TCS Teaching, Curriculum, and Society


  • Agostinelli, A., & McQuillan, P.J.  (2020).  Accounting for Bilingual Learners in the History Classroom: A Sociolinguistic Case Study of Teachers in Training. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.
  • McQuillan, P.J.  (2019).  Quantifying the Metaphor: Looking at Educational Change Through the Lens of the Complex Adaptive System. Paper presented at the Conference on Complex Systems, Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore, October, 3.
  • McQuillan, P.J., Walsh, M. & Raczek, A.  (2019).  Using the Complex Adaptive System as an Analytic Heuristic. Paper presented at the Complexity Symposium: Exploring the Possibilities at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, September 13. 
  • McQuillan, P.J., Wortham, S.  & Madres, J.  (2019).  Educating for “Lives of Meaning and Purpose”: Emerging Opportunities for Catholic (and Secular) Higher Education. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting, Toronto, Canada.