How do you increase opportunity in education? Design effective computer-based learning projects? Help young people find their purpose? Our faculty researchers are tackling these and other complex social problems with the goal of improving lives locally and globally.

Our faculty account for 32 percent of Boston College’s total research grant revenue, receiving 16 million in research funding in the 2022-23 academic year.

Our robust research centers and institutes—as well as our Campus School for students with complex challenges—give students and faculty the opportunity to put research into practice, directly impacting schools, communities, and lives. 

Research at LSEHD prioritizes diversity in race, language, learning abilities, and socioeconomic status. Through the Institute for the Study of Race and Culture and other initiatives, our faculty conduct research that advances equality and study the impact of racism across populations. 

Vincent Cho
Faculty ensure our programs make a difference in schools. We prepare students to think about real-life leadership challenges in big-picture ways. What are the larger implications and assumptions? How can research inform us? We encourage students to pursue new approaches to problem-solving that bridge practice and scholarship.
Vincent Cho, Ph.D., Associate Professor


The hallmark of our community is its shared commitment to making a difference. And our culture of collaboration means faculty members, students, and administrators actively support one another, contributing to the success of the people we serve.

With a community-oriented mission inspired by Boston College's Jesuit history, we graduate students dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion, closing opportunity gaps, and changing lives.

Our faculty are world-renowned researchers and leading practitioners, but they're also committed mentors who spend time fostering relationships with students, helping them discern their career goals and identify opportunities for personal growth.  

Our graduates join a network of nearly 25,000 LSEHD alumni—many with established careers as teachers, administrators, policymakers, and assessment experts—who are willing to lend a hand through personal mentoring or professional connections. Our graduates also become part of a University-wide alumni community of more than 185,000. 

Ana M. Martínez Alemán
We’re committed to understanding students' interests and goals and how they’re advancing in and outside the classroom. We hope our students change the world for the public good—that they become professionals who make colleges, universities, and schools more equitable places.
Ana M. Martínez Alemán, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs


Rigorous, highly-ranked, and relevant—our programs challenge students in the classroom and in the field, preparing them to become leaders in their careers and communities.

Our five departments offer more than 30 robust programs, ranging from Curriculum & Instruction to Extensive Special Needs, Counseling Psychology, and Data Science.

In classrooms, practicums, internships, and clinical placements, LSEHD students work with leaders in education and health care. Our 100+ partnerships in Greater Boston allow students to gain crucial hands-on experience by teaching, conducting research in schools and hospitals, and assisting with urban education initiatives. 

Our classes are taught by acclaimed scholar-practitioners who improve practice, shape policy, and prepare students to serve diverse populations with modern, evidence-based approaches. 


ranked graduate school of education
U.S. News & World Report


ranked Catholic school of education
U.S. News & World Report

Join us and make a difference in your life, your career, and your community.

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