The heart of UCTC has always been, and will always be, the love and sharing of gifts and self between the people that make up our community. This includes those cohort members, alumni, friends, founders, donors, principals, staff, mentors, and students who have been, and will continue to be engaged with UCTC. Each member of this community makes up a special and important part in defining who we are and will become. The relationships cultivated between us as individuals and as a community are some of the greatest strengths of UCTC.

Though an individual formally commits to UCTC for only a short time, we strive to make a larger commitment of love to this community, as well as the global community, for the rest of our lives.

UCTC Staff


Charles Cownie

Charles Cownie

UCTC Director & Director of Catholic Teacher Formation

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Santa Clara University, History (Focus in teaching)

Graduate Institution and Area of Study: Seton Hall University (EPICS), Master of Arts in Education (Focus in Catholic Education)

Additional Studies: Loyola Law, Juris Doctor (Focus in Public Interest Law); Boston College, Doctor of Philosophy in Education

What attracted you to working with UCTC? "Working with UCTC allows me to fully utilize my education and work experience in a ministry that I am tremendously passionate about: the ministry of Catholic education. Additionally, being able to engage in this ministry in a place like the Lynch School with such a special and essential mission is truly a blessing."

Cristina Hunter

Cristina Hunter

UCTC Assistant Director

Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Boston College, Elementary Education and Human Development

Graduate Institution and Area of Study: New York University, Educational Psychology

Additional Studies: Boston College, Ph.D in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology


Myra Reynoso

Myra Rosen-Reynoso

UCTC Research Director

Hometown: Massachusetts

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Georgetown University, Fine Arts

Graduate Institution and Area of Study: Harvard University, Human Development

Additional Studies: Boston College, Ph.D in Applied Developmental Psychology


UCTC Graduate Assistants

Liam MacDonald

Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Siena College, History and Secondary Education

Graduate Institution and Area of Study: Boston College, M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction

Current Work: Graduate Assistant for UCTC; Teacher at Matignon High School

What attracted you to working with UCTC? "I was a member of UCTC's Cohort 20, Class of 2018, where I credit my personal, teaching, and spiritual growth to my two years in UCTC. I decided to work with UCTC when the opportunity arose to work on the Special Education Professional Development Initiative to help teachers grow in their ability to serve all learners."


UCTC Undergraduate Assistants