June 21, 2022

Dear Faculty, 

Beginning July 5th, we are asking all faculty to submit their proposals to OSP at least 10 days prior to the agency or foundation proposal submission deadline. Any proposal submitted later than the 10-day deadline will require a letter from your Dean with a justification as to why the proposal was not able to meet the 10-day deadline. Please note, we cannot guarantee a comprehensive and proper review of proposals submitted beyond the 10-day deadline. This temporary change in submission deadline policy is necessary in order to provide the level of support faculty require.  

We also encourage everyone to alert their departmental research administrators and OSP as soon as you are considering any proposal submission, no matter how tentative or early you are considering, so we can add any and all potential proposals to a master schedule in order to coordinate with OSP staff.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging period.

Thomas Chiles
Vice Provost for Research


The Office of the Vice Provost for Research supports and enhances research, education, and design-driven innovation at Boston College. We foster the creation of new knowledge, discoveries, and transformative advances by improving current processes and preparing for new initiatives in learning, scholarship, and outreach as aligned with the University’s strategic direction to address complex societal problems and contribute to the common good.

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