Scheduling/Log Book

  • After using the equipment in the Human Neuroscience laboratory, please make sure to fill out the Log Book with the following information:¬†Date/Time, Subject ID, Experiment ID, Experimenter(s), PI, IRB protocol #, Room #, and Equipment (each tab corresponds to a given Human Neuroscience affiliated lab at BC)
  • We sometimes find that we cannot efficiently analyze data using local software when the data are stored on the BC servers. Note that the IRB no longer allows longer-term storage of data on movable devices like hard-drives.
  • For studies that might need to do analyses on the computers in the Human Neuroscience Laboratory (e.g., due to software/licensing issues), the best solution may be store your data on the computer you collected the data on for a short period of time. Alternatively, a better solution would be to store your data on the BC servers and then to test how quickly it read/write files to that location from the computers in the Human Neuroscience Laboratory. Whichever you choose, please ensure that the procedure is covered by the IRB protocol and comply with the guidelines of the BC IRB (see here)

Log Book