Assistance Documentation & Forms

Roles and Responsibilities


  • ACR for Grants Report: Provides budgeted and expended summary data with balance available.
  • TDR for Grants Report: Provides detail activity. It contains individual transactional detail for the budget transfers, requisitions, purchase orders, vouchers, expense reports, salary encumbrances, salary actuals, and journal entries for standard charges (PCard, Pitney Bowes, BOC) and allocations (Fringe Benefits, Plant Maintenance, F&A)
  • Grant Balance Summary Available Report: A timely formatted summary balance available report with subtotals and totals.

BC Grant Policies & Practices 


Briefs and Trainings



Contracts: Different Types and When to Apply Them  (FEB 2019)

What happens when faculty transfer in/out of an institution? (OCT 2018)

Data ManagementElements of a “Typical” Data Management Plan (DMP) Handout (NOV 2017)

Subawards from Proposal to Closeout (OCT 2017)

Grant/Sponsor Related Systems (FEB 2017)

Data Management and Data Management Plans (SEPT 2016)

OSP's Contract Negotiation Process & How the Award Notice translates to the PAN (Project Action Notification) (SEPT 2015)

PI Transfer In/Out (Hello & Goodbye), HR Changes, and Record Retention (APR 2015)

PeopleSoft Update, Summer Salary, Buy-outs, Account Code Reminder, E-Verify, Time & Effort Reporting, OMB A-133 Audit, Taking Stock (MAY 2014)

Overview/Updates FY15 (pre-award & post-award) (SEPT 2014)



Procurement/Uniform Guidance (MAR 2019)

Subawards from Proposal to Closeout (OCT 2017)

Subaward Single Audit Reports, Related Audit Findings and Sub invoices (SEPT 2017)

OSP-Grant Related Queries (PeopleSoft) (FEB 2017)

BC Procurement Services Slides (NOV 2016)

FLSA FAQsBenefits Differences/Part-Time Exempt, Non-Exempt Posn. Impact of New FLSA OT Rule (OCT 2016)

The Hiring & Merit Process (International Visa Matters included) (MAR 2016)

PI Transfer In/Out (Hello & Goodbye), HR Changes, and Record Retention (APR 2015)

Purchasing on Sponsored Projects and Uniform Guidance Preview (NOV 2014)

Overview/Updates FY15 (pre-award & post-award) (SEPT 2014)

P-Card Processing & Review (FEB 2014)

Expense Reports and Vouchers (JAN 2014)

Supporting documentation..What you need when.. (NOV 2013)

Tuition Remission Checklist (FEB 2013)

Tuition Remission Presentation with Screen Shots (FEB 2013)



Hot Topics in Sponsored Projects (JAN 2019)

Sponsored Programs Roles & Responsibilities Discussion (FEB 2018)

NSF PAPPG Webinar and its handouts (DEC 2017)

OSP Brief Roles & ResponsibilitiesRoles Responsibilities Matrix (MAY 2017)

OSP-Multiple Sponsored Projects Topics (APR 2017)

Office for Technology Transfer and Licensing (OTTL) Invention Disclosure Guidelines (FEB 2016)

COI (JAN 2016)

Steve Erickson, Director of the Office of Research, Integrity & Compliance and Carolyn O'Connor, Associate Director of Research Protections in a facilitated session on protection of humans and animals on sponsored projects. Animal Research: A PrimerHuman Research Participant Protection. (OCT 2015)

Export Control 101Export Control Proposal ChecklistExport Controls Roles-Responsibilities (MAR 2015)

National Science Foundation Proposal and Policy Guide (FEB 2014)

Adding A Subaward To An Awarded Project (MAR 2013)

CarryForward Requests (MAR 2013)

Changes In Scope (MAR 2013)

OSP Roles and Responsibilities (MAR 2013)

Pre-Award Costs Handout (MAR 2013)

Rebudgeting Process (MAR 2013)

Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval and Other Requirements Matrix (MAR 2013)

Supplemental Funding (MAR 2013)