Eagle One Card

The Eagle One Card is the Official ID of Boston College, enabling community members to access facilities, residence halls, computer labs, libraries, and the Margot Connell Recreation Center. Fund an Eagle One account to be able to make purchases with your card at on-campus restaurants, vending machines, bookstores, and laundry facilities as well as at certain off-campus merchants.


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About the Card

The Eagle One Card is a multipurpose identification and debit account card which serves as the official ID card of Boston College. It will be accepted and function at most University-run facilities throughout your stay at Boston College. Students must keep this card available at all times in order to obtain access to residence halls, computer labs, libraries and the Connell Recreation Center. Boston College identification cards are the property of the University and must be presented to authorized University officials upon request. Failure to comply with this can result in judicial action. Please keep in mind that falsifying, altering or misusing your own or anyone else's Eagle One Card in any way is strictly prohibited and illegal.

Obtaining an ID

All University students, staff and faculty (and their spouses, if desired) are issued Eagle One Cards through the Office of Student Services. Proof of identification such as a driver's license or passport must be presented in order to be issued an Eagle One Card.

Updating Directory Photo

Individuals who wish to update their directory photo may do so by going to the online application and choosing the radio button, "Update Directory Photo." The user will then upload the new photo and select the "Request" button. Once requested, the new photo may take up to three business days to appear across all platforms.

Card Fees

The initial fee for an Eagle One Card is $50 and will be automatically billed to your student account. There is no fee charged to faculty or staff. A $30 fee will be charged for each replacement card.

Where it Works

On-Campus Dining

  • The Loft @ Addie's
  • Hillside Cafe
  • Lower Live in Corcoran Commons
  • The Bean Counter in Fulton Hall
  • The Chocolate Bar in Stokes Hall
  • Carney's in McElroy
  • The Eagle's Nest in McElroy
  • Faculty Dining Room in McElroy
  • CoRo Cafe in McElroy
  • Welch Dining Room in Lyons Hall
  • Stuart Hall on Newton Campus
  • Legal Grounds in Stuart Hall
  • Cafe 129 on Brighton Campus
  • The Market @ Corcoran
  • Pop-Up Culinary Events
  • GET Mobile ordering
  • CSA Farm Share
  • Farmers Market

On-Campus Vending Machines

Drink and snack vending machines are located in most lounges around campus. Many machines have been equipped with card readers that will accept Eagle Bucks as well as cash transactions.

BC Athletics Concessions 

Eagle One cards are accepted at all Boston College athletic events held at Conte Forum and Alumni Stadium. 

BC Services & Facilities

BC Bookstores

All 3 BC Bookstore locations (McElroy Commons, Newton Campus, and Hillside) now accept Eagle Bucks as a valid form of payment for anything from textbooks to BC clothing.

McElroy Commons
Stuart House
Campanella Way
1-800-978-0978 (Orders & Support)

Robsham Theater

The RTAC Box Office sells tickets for both students and the general public through the Boston College online ticketing system and the RTAC Box Office ticket window. Tickets can be purchased online via credit card and the RTAC Box Office ticket window also accepts cash, checks, or Eagle Bucks. For ticketing inquiries, email rtactickets@bc.edu

Eagle Print Services

Eagle Print Services is on-campus to meet all of your personal and professional printing needs. Use your Eagle Bucks for printing black & white and color copies, digital photos, large format color posters, invitations, resumes, presentations and much more. Open Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5pm.
Carney Hall Room 202

Residence Hall Laundry Facilities

Card readers have been installed on all residence hall washers and dryers. Laundry machines will accept either cash or Eagle Bucks.

Network Printing

Students can print 500 pages per semester for free. If you print over 500 pages, you will be charged 3 cents per page to your Eagle Bucks account.

Recreational Complex

Memberships, Day Pass and Programs are available at the Connell Recreation Center by presenting an Eagle One ID. Purchases may be made by charging services or items to your Eagle Bucks, check or credit card. For additional information and fees, please contact Member Services.

BC Libraries

When taking out library books or borrowing electronic equipment, students use their BC identification cards. 
Additionally, Eagle Bucks can be used at the copy machines and printers.

Off-Campus Food & Convenience

Flatbreads Cafe

Flatbreads Cafe serves gourmet rolled sandwiches, salads, and homemade pasta and pizza. Conveniently located next to the BC T station on Commonwealth Avenue.
11 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill 

Richdale Food Shops

Richdale Food Shops is located in the shopping plaza across from St. Ignatius Church and offers everything from microwave popcorn to greeting cards.
2195 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston 

Declining Balance Debit Accounts

Opening an Eagle-One account will turn your Eagle-One Card into a debit card that operates on a declining balance system. The cost of each purchase you make is deducted from your balance by computerized card readers in every location the Eagle-One Card is accepted.

Account Cost (2022–2023) Where it's accepted How to add funds

Residential Meal Plan

$2,825 per semester
Required of all first-year students

•On-campus restaurants

Students may supplement plan by purchasing Maroon Upgrade, Gold Upgrade, or Eagle Bucks.

Residential Dining Bucks

$175 per semester
Required of all first-year students

•On-campus restaurants

•Vending machines


•GET Mobile ordering

Students may supplement plan by purchasing Maroon Upgrade, Gold Upgrade, or Eagle Bucks.

Flex Dining Plan

Purchase $20-299 no bonus dollars

Purchase $300-receive $15 bonus dollars

Purchase $800-receive $80 bonus dollars

Purchase $1,200- receive $180 bonus dollars


•On-campus restaurants



•GET Mobile ordering

The Flex Dining Plan is designed to meet the needs of all students living in apartment-style residence halls with kitchens and off-campus housing.

Students can enroll in Flex Dining and have the cost of the plan added to their student account between June 14–July 12 for 2019-2020 academic year. Students may enroll and charge the cost of the plan to a credit card at any time. 

Faculty/Staff Flex Dining Plans

Purchase $20-60 no bonus dollars

Purchase $75-receive $5 bonus dollars

Purchase $200-receive $20 bonus dollars

Purchase $325-receive $50 bonus dollars

•On-campus restaurants

•GET Mobile ordering

•Vending machines

Deposits are made online through the Agora portal by charging a credit card or bank account.

Eagle Bucks

$20 minimum deposit

•On-campus restaurants
•Vending machines
•BC Bookstores
•Residential laundry facilities
•Network printing
•Library Photocopying
•Off-campus restaurants
•Convenience stores
•Robsham Theater box office

Deposits are made online through the Agora portal by charging a credit card, bank account or Student Account. (You may only charge up to a $100 balance on your student account.)

Vending & Laundry Refunds

All vending and laundry refunds (cash, credit card, and Eagle Bucks) are processed directly through our partnering vendors.

If you would like to initiate a refund for a beverage vending transaction, please contact Coca-Cola Services directly by calling 1-844-944-0725. You will need to reference the outlet number on the front of the machine.

If you would like to initiate a refund for a snack vending transaction, please contact A&B Snack Services directly by emailing service@abvending.com. You will need to reference the outlet number on the front of the machine.

If you would like to initiate a refund for a laundry transaction (cash or Eagle Bucks), please contact MacGray Laundry Services directly using this form.