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Faculty Publication Highlight

The Catholic Church in the United States & Europe has seen declining numbers both in regular attendance & in clergy. Scandals have torn at people's allegiance, & feelings of disappointment, disillusion, & anger have become widespread. Read more about The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church by Raymond G. Helmick, S.J.

Spring 2015 BC Libraries Newsletter

Read Tom Wall on the new eScholarship@BC, BC’s digital repository; Enid Karr on user-created “collections” in HathiTrust; David Richtmyer and Kathleen Williams on two fascinating Irish related volumes recently acquired by Burns Library; David Horn on the Emmet Larkin Papers, a large and varied collection of the papers of the famous American historian of nineteenth century Irish Catholicism; Brendan Rapple on a recent digital acquisition: the Loeb Classical Library. These articles & more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter.


Burns Library - One Story Draws Another: Staff Selections from the Irish Collections at the Burns Library

O’Neill Level One Gallery - The Power of Youth Movements in Black History

O’Neill Library Reading Room Gallery - Baseball's League of Nations: A Tribute to Native American Baseball Players

Stokes Hall - Creating Boston Common

Theology & Ministry Library - Whoever Saves a Single Life... Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust