Boston College provides email services for all affiliated students, faculty, and staff (including part-time and visiting faculty and staff). These email services require a BC username and Secondary Password.

Getting Your BC Email

New Students

Shortly after you are officially enrolled, you will receive an email containing your BC username and BC Password. 

Follow the instructions to sign in to Agora Portal, and create your BC Password (used for Agora Portal), and create your Secondary Password (used for BC email). Need Help? Contact the Help Center at or 617-552-HELP (4357).

New Faculty and Staff

You will receive a letter from your department containing your BC username and BC Password. Use your BC Password to sign in to Agora Portal to create your Secondary Password (used for BC email). If you lost or did not receive the letter containing your credentials, contact your Technology Consultant (TC).

Important Security Step

You have 1 week to set up Google 2-Step Verification after you first login to your BC Google account.

Versions of Your BC Email Address

Your email address at Boston College has two forms:

  • "friendly" -
  • "short" -

Friendly Email Address

Your "friendly" address is If your full name is not unique at BC, you must use the appropriate number after your name (for example, To learn what your "friendly address" is, search for your name in the online BC Directory.

Note: If you are the first or only person with that name, and you have a "1" after your name, you do not need to use the number "1" in the address. If another person with the same name is added to the system in the future, this new person will be assigned

Short Email Address

Your "short address" is Your "short address" is unique within Boston College.

Security Note: Boston College highly recommends you keep the short version of your address private and only use it to log into your BC accounts. To help protect your BC credentials, give people your "friendly" BC email address (


Both email versions ("friendly" and "short") go to the same BC email account.


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