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New content is regularly released on LinkedIn Learning. Whether you want to develop technical, managerial, communication skills, or anything in between, resources are available 24x7.

Here are some new courses including skills that many in the BC community have been using LinkedIn Learning for personal development.

Certifications, CEUs, and more!

LinkedIn Learning offers include Certification prep and practice tests, Professional Certifications, Continuing Ed credits.

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Recommended on LinkedIn Learning

While BC ITS Training loves when faculty and staff attend our instructor-led training sessions, we understand that sometimes, our schedule does not work with yours.

LinkedIn Learning at BC gives the BC community an opportunity to learn about topics that interest you on a schedule that works for you. We'll regularly update this page with courses that we hope will help you on-the-job. 

Need help finding courses from LinkedIn Learning? We can help. Select the top button on the right to let us know what you want to learn more about.

You can also request Learning Paths directly from LinkedIn Learning. Select the button on the right below for a form to complete and send to them.

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