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Information Technology Services

What Does My Computer Need to Connect to the BC Network?

If you will be bringing a computer with you to Boston College, review the minimum specifications below to ensure that it will be able to connect to the campus network. Note that in some circumstances Windows "Home" versions  are not recommended.

Required Minimum Specifications




Operating System

BC recommends Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 7 Professional with the latest system updates.

Note: Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP.

BC recommends macOS High Sierra (10.13) or macOS Sierra (10.12) with the latest system updates.

Note: Apple is no longer supporting Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), or Mountain Lion (10.8).

Anti-Virus Protection

Make sure to install BC's version of Anti-Virus software (McAfee Enterprise) before you get to campus. If you do not, your network access may be discontinued until you do so. Get the free Anti-Virus software, and learn more at:

Get the free Sophos Anti-Virus software, and learn more at:

Software Updates

It is extremely important that operating system software, application software (i.e., Microsoft Office), web browsers (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), and all browser plug-ins (Java, Flash, RealPlayer, etc.) are ALWAYS kept up-to-date. Learn how to stay protected by keeping your software up-to-date.

BC Wireless Access

A wireless network card (most computers come equipped with one)

Note: BC no longer supports 802.11b wireless technology.

BC Wired Access

An Ethernet network card and Ethernet cable (most Windows computers come equipped with an Ethernet card)

An Ethernet network card and Ethernet cable (some Apple laptops may require an Ethernet adapter)

Chromebooks & Tablets (Android, iPad, Kindle Fire)

Can I use a Chromebook or Tablet instead of a Mac or Windows computer?


Windows 10 S

Does BC recommend Windows 10 S?


Connecting to WiFi

Learn how to connect to WiFi @ BC.


Concerned about Malware?

Learn what BC recommends to remove malware from your Windows computer.