Summer Courses

Students must submit or otherwise indicate: 

  • an up-to-date detailed course syllabus (in some cases we may accept the syllabus from  the previous summer, but supplemented with an up-to-date course description from  the college/university catalog)

  • the reason for taking this course (major requirement, and if so, what is your major? Pre-health requirement? Natural science core?)

  • he modality of course (in-person, online synchronous, online asynchronous, hybrid)

We will not approve courses that:

  • do not cover nearly the same material as our equivalent course(s) at BC - are offered by community colleges or non-accredited colleges or universities - are online laboratory courses

  • are online asynchronous courses (note: exceptions may be made if the course can be shown to have a significant component of active engagement with classmates and the instructor)

  • do not count towards a BA/BS degree program in the host college/university - do not have an explicit (and acceptable) grading rubric in the syllabus

IMPORTANT: If you are taking summer physics as part of your premed/prehealth requirements, note that not all medical schools will accept online courses (whether or not they are synchronous or asynchronous). The requirements are constantly changing, so we strongly recommend that you discuss this with a PreHealth Advisor before taking any online course to meet your health professional school requirements.