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Every human being seeks answers to life’s most basic questions—questions regarding the nature of knowledge, truth, rationality, language, being, transcendence, God, faith, beauty, the good, justice, humanity, friendship, love, sexuality, identity, power, authenticity, and so on. Reflection on such questions remains the core of the study of philosophy.


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Where Our Graduates Have Worked

Anchorage School District

Elementary School Administrator

ACTA Films

Studio Manager

Fidelity Investments

Vice President, Research

Pepsico Foundation

Marketing Director

State of Connecticut


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Manager, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Program

Sony Pictures Television

Senior Vice President

Big Y Foods Inc.

President and Chief Operating Officer

Johns Hopkins University

Pediatric Nephrologist

U.S. Department of Health Human Services,
Office of The General Council


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New Joint M.A. in Philosophy and Theology

If you have questions and interests that lead you into both philosophy and theology, or would like to deepen your understanding of each field by opening it to the other, you might consider pursuing a M.A. in Philosophy and Theology at Boston College.

More About the Joint M.A.