Below is a listing of all undergraduate level courses offered. For a listing of courses offered in the current academic year please visit the EagleApps Course Information and Schedule site.

Undergraduate Courses
PHYS1100 – Structure of the Universe I
PHYS1101 – Structure of the Universe II
PHYS1400 – Art of Physics
PHYS1500 – Foundations of Physics I
PHYS1501 – Foundations of Physics II
PHYS1600 – Special Projects
PHYS2050 – Introductory Physics Lab I
PHYS2051 – Introductory Physics Lab II
PHYS2100 – Introduction to Physics I (calc)
PHYS2101 – Introduction to Physics II (calc)
PHYS2200 – Introductory Physics I (calc)
PHYS2201 – Introductory Physics II (calc)
PHYS3100 – Vibrations and Waves
PHYS3300 – Intro to Modern Physics
PHYS3400 – Applied Mathematics for Physical Scientists
PHYS3500 – Adv Independent Research
PHYS4100 – Mechanics
PHYS4200 – Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS4300 – Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing
PHYS4350 – Experiments in Physics I
PHYS4400 – Quantum Physics I
PHYS4401 – Quantum Physics II
PHYS4407 – Optical Spectroscopy of 2D Materials
PHYS4408 – Special and General Relativity
PHYS4500 – Applied Math for Physical Scientists
PHYS4505 – Nuclei and Particles
PHYS4515 – Physic/Conventional & Alternative Energy
PHYS4525 – Foundations of Plasmonics
PHYS4535 – Nanoscale Integrated Science
PHYS4545 – Intro to Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS4555 – Optics
PHYS4565 – Cosmology and Astrophysics
PHYS4575 – Physics of Nanomaterials
PHYS4585 – Survey of Applied Physics
PHYS4600 – Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
PHYS4700 – Survey of Applied Physics
PHYS4951 – Senior Thesis
PHYS4955 – Applied Physics Capstone
PHYS5000 – Readings and Research in Physics
PHYS6631 – Optics and Lasers