The Music Department provides a holistic and versatile education in music theory, performance, and history. Grounded in Boston College's liberal arts tradition, our courses, lessons, and ensembles are designed to engage the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual faculties of our students and the wider community.


The music major offers world-class training in music theory and performance within a liberal arts framework. Students encounter diverse perspectives on music, preparing for a wide range of careers.

The minor in music is a serious alternative for students who are vitally interested in music but either do not wish to make music their career or have majors that preclude taking music as a second major.

The Music Department offers private voice and instrument lessons for music majors, minors, and other interested members of the BC community, as well as 30 ensembles and student groups.

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Why Study Music?

Whether you view music as a career path or an abiding extracurricular passion, our major and minor offer a comprehensive liberal arts education that you can tailor to your goals and the role you want music to play in your life.

Student Voices

Where do our graduates work?

Resident Conductor, Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum (2017-2023)

Ph.D. Student in Music Composition, Stony Brook University

Touring Musician and Music Producer, Brighton Hills West

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, The New School College of Performing Arts




Ph.D. Student in Musicology & Ethnomusicology, Brown University

Pianist and Organist, St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Philanthropic Liaison, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Management Consultant, Accenture



Music Outreach: Volunteers Needed!

Interested in sharing your love of music with elementary and high school students? Visit our Music Outreach page for information about our volunteer programs in Boston-area schools.

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