Undergraduate Program

We provide our physics undergraduates with a rigorous core program and opportunities for cutting edge research. A physics degree from Boston College opens doors to employment at global tech and consulting companies.

Our department has recently undergone a dramatic expansion, including the hiring of several new faculty members and development of world-class research programs, which has propelled us into the forefront of research into complex materials. The department strongly encourages undergraduates to become involved in faculty research—there is no better way to learn physics than by doing physics!

We are a relatively small and close-knit department, with a ratio of undergraduate majors to faculty of about 4:1. Students are welcomed in a friendly environment in which they can easily interact with faculty for help with their coursework, advising, or just an informal chat.

What can you do with a physics degree?

Physics Careers

A field trip to IBM

As a physics major, you will:

  • Study laws of classical and quantum physics and their applications. 
  • Develop mathematical and computational skills for solving quantitative problems.
  • Learn how to obtain, organize, analyze, and interpret scientific data.

In addition to an academic career in physics, engineering, or a related area, a physics degree leads to a wide range of professional opportunities. Physicists are highly valued and sought for numerous industrial and governmental positions, including in the following fields:

  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Health and Medicine
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Instrumentation and Manufacturing
  • Material Science and Nanotechnology
  • Computer Science and Quantum Information
  • Finance and System Management

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