Study Abroad

Before Studying Abroad:

Before undertaking study abroad, it is strongly recommended that the physics major completes PHYS2200, PHYS2201 (or PHYS2100, 2101) with labs, PHYS3100, and PHYS3300 (also with labs,) and the co-requisite math courses MATH1102, MATH1103, MATH2202 as necessary.

Course Credit Applied to Major

The department allows a maximum of four courses taken abroad to count for major credit. Of these four courses, two should be major requirements, plus two physics electives. The department recommends any program with a solid teaching and research program in physics.

When should students study abroad?

Students are advised to study abroad during the spring semester of their junior year. While planning their study abroad program, physics majors should meet with the Undergraduate Program Director. Please email to schedule.

Students are encouraged to inquire early at our department and with possible host institutions to arrange for a research project, supervised jointly by faculty at Boston College and the host institution.