Below is a listing of all graduate level courses offered. The graduate course offerings vary year to year. For a listing of courses offered in the current academic year please visit the Course Information and Schedule site.

Graduate Courses
PHYS7000 – Physics Colloquium
PHYS7707 – Physics Graduate Seminar I
PHYS7711 – Classical Mechanics
PHYS7721 – Statistical Physics I
PHYS7722 – Statistical Physics II
PHYS7732 – Electromagnetic Theory I
PHYS7733 – Electromagnetic Theory II
PHYS7741 – Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS7742 – Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS7771 – Plasma Physics
PHYS7835 – Mathematical Physics I
PHYS8725 – Quantum Field Theory
PHYS8735 – Techniques of Experimental Physics I
PHYS8736 – Techniques of Experimental Physics II
PHYS8750 – Particle Physics
PHYS8761 – Solid State Physics I
PHYS8762 – Solid State Physics II
PHYS8770 – Special and General Relativity
PHYS8773 – From Bonds to Bands: The chemistry and the physics of solids
PHYS8775 – Foundations of Plasmonics
PHYS8777 – Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM)
PHYS8778 – Optics and Lasers
PHYS8799 – Readings and Research in Physics
PHYS8888 – Interim Study
PHYS8910 – Seminar: Topics in Physics
PHYS8935 – Frontier/Condensed Matter
PHYS8950 – Group Theory
PHYS8970 – Quantum Mechanics III
PHYS8975 – Many Body Physics
PHYS9901 – Doctoral Comprehensive
PHYS9911 – Doctoral Continuation