Faculty Research Sites

Flebus Group

The Flebus Group is a theory group investigating magnetic, phononic, and quantum hybrid systems with a focus on the interplay between their topological properties, dissipation, and quantum many-body dynamics.

Naughton Lab

The Naughton Lab researches Molecular Organic (Super) Conductors, Nano-Engineered Photovoltaics, Plasmonic Halos, Nanoscale Coaxial Optical Microscopy, and FIB-deposited Superconducting Nanowire.

Quantum Materials & Devices Lab

Dr. Qiong Ma's research focuses on uncovering and understanding the fundamental physics of novel quantum materials, particularly about electron and phonon dynamics, low dimensionality, topology, and correlation.

Tafti Lab

The Tafti Lab is an interdisciplinary research program at the junction of condensed matter physics, materials science, and solid-state chemistry.

Xiao Chen Lab

The Xiao Chen Lab focuses on the interplay between condensed matter physics and quantum information. Topics include Quantum Information Dynamics, Non-unitary dynamics, Topological phases, and Quantum entanglement.

Zeljkovic Lab

The Zeljkovic Lab explores atomic-scale design of interacting quantum materials and characterization of the emergent phenomena.